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October 4, 2018
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All of the musicians I've played with have been improvisers, whether they came from jazz, rock, folk, or whatever.

As an improvisor myself, I've found it difficult to collaborate with trained classical players. It's not for lack of trying, but-while we like to think of music as a universal language-the means of communication were strained at best.

Classical musicians have a hard time with spontaneous composition; jazz players are generally comfortable with loose technique and can adapt to experiments and unexpected shifts.

I'd always chalked this difference up to different kinds of training or lack thereof, but a new study by researchers in Leipzig suggests a deeper neurological basis, at least when it comes strictly to jazz versus classical musicians.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences studied the brains of thirty pianists-half jazz players, half classical. They found, the Institute reports, that "different processes occur in jazz and classical pianists' brains, even when performing the same piece."

It's a conclusion players themselves intuitively understand.
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Slash and Gibson Guitars have announced their newest collaboration, the Slash Signed 1958 Les Paul Standard "Brazilian Dream." The limited edition instrument is based on the guitarist's favorite historic specifications and appointments, with an added feature-a genuine solid Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Only $12,999 ~ What?! 
Beginning October 7, Esperanza will release one new spell per day on her website and social platforms until all 12 have been released. Then on October 19, an EP will be released on all digital streaming outlets. The spells come in the form of new music, which was crafted by Spalding at a castle in Italy last month, and then recorded in sessions completed just yesterday in Brooklyn. Each spell will be presented with song-specific imagery and video spells.
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Classical Guitar?, Jazz Guitar?, Country Guitar? Chet could do it all... and always make it look so easy. CGP indeed!
Not many musicians have had their name indelibly associated with a certain chord. You've got Jimi's seven sharp-nine, Miles' minor six-nine, George's seven flat-nine, Donald and Walter's "Mu" chord and Prince's funky minor sixes. And then there's Todd's mercurial "T-chord," that figures so prominently in his music.
Truly geeked-out effects hounds know that one of the best ways to avoid the possibility of "tone suck" is to use buffered effects loops. The benefits are numerous, especially for passive basses or when a player favors pedals that are noisy, poorly designed, or otherwise sound-mangling in undesirable ways.
Johnny Smith was an extremely diverse musician who was equally at home playing in the famous Birdland jazz club or sight-reading scores in the orchestral pit of the New York Philharmonic. From Schoenberg to Gershwin to originals, Smith was one of the most versatile guitarists of the 1950s. His most critically acclaimed record was " Moonlight in Vermont," but his most famous musical composition is "Walk Don't Run" written in 1954. Chet Atkins covered the tune three years before the Ventures' version went to No. 2 on the Billboard Top 100.  

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