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October 5, 2017
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How many times have we heard from adults that they wish their parents didn't allow them to quit their musical instrument when they were younger?

There comes a time in a large percentage of music students' lives when they want to quit their instrument - and more often than not, parents allow them to do it. But is the child quitting . . . or is the parent?

Ultimately, it is important to understand that when it comes to music education  most children go through a period of time where they must succeed despite themselves. They must be encouraged and supported through the tough times, not given a pass. It is only at a certain point that children, and parents, can make an informed decision to quit their musical instrument, and that point is usually much later, not sooner, than one may think.
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I designed this guitar for George Benson. He fell in love with my first "Baritone Princess" in the spring of 2010, and later that year I delivered a slightly modified Princess to him. The Scale is now a 24.75" (e.g. like a Gibson Les Paul). Fingerboard, pickup, bridge foot and trussrod cover are naturally finished. I also added a Tone & a Volume Pot. The "Benson-Tribute" is one of very few solid body Guitars in Georges Benson's huge personal Guitar Collection.
With over 25,000 YouTube subscribers, Aram Bedrosian's melodic and dazzling solo compositions have moved  listeners everywhere. He has been the #1 Google video result for "bass guitar solo" for many years and his original performance of the song "A Dark Light" has been watched over ten million times! It is now being released on CD as a long-awaited follow-up to the self-titled debut.

" Bass EncycloMedia, written by GRAMMY® Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly, is filled with practical and highly musical techniques and information that will benefit bass players of any style and ability level, especially those who have passed beyond the "beginner" stage. This is a great addition to the library of every bass player. I am very impressed! " - Dr. Robert Cutietta, Dean of the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.

Dramatically improve your playing by easily learning all the chords, scales, arpeggios and modes necessary to improvise something uniquely different every time with every song. With over 323 pages, Bass EncycloMedia is total fretboard knowledge in one book!

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French guitarist Ida Presti was one of the greatest players of the 20th century. A child prodigy who gave her first public recital when she was just 8. She studied in Paris under Mario Maccaferi for two years, and by her mid-teen years she was something of a national sensation in France. Besides being a tremendous guitarist, Presti was also a fine composer, as this piece, published in 1959 and played here by the excellent Italian guitarist Cinzia Milani, shows. We should also note, that Milani was herself a prodigy. She won many guitar competitions through the years, and is also a violinist who has played with orchestras in Italy, Spain and France.   

In Vic's first new educational book in over 20 years he outlines his ten essential elements of music including such important and under-emphasized areas as emotion and feel, dynamics, tone, phrasing, space, and listening in Part 1. In Part 2, he offers personal lessons covering such key topics as warming up and hand-strengthening, tone, harmonics, thumb technique, tapping, looping, and soloing. Victor Wooten Bass Workshop is a must-have tool for bass players at all levels.
Roland has brought back its iconic drum machine, the TR-808. It is now called the TR-08, and is a "detailed and faithful replica" of the original, updated in a more compact size with a few new features. The TR-08 has added some tweaks, such as: a track-selectable trigger for working with additional instruments and modular gear, an LED display for greater control over tempo and shuffle, the ability to control compression / gain / tune with instruments, and an increased number of sequencer sub-steps to 16 for detailed drum patterns and rolls.
John Coltrane once said, "Paul Chambers was one of the greatest bass players in jazz. His playing is beyond what I could say about it." Chambers played a vital role in both the Prestige recordings of Coltrane, as well as a part of Miles Davis's first great quintet, appearing on the 1959 landmark album, Kind of Blue. Chambers, who died at the age of 33, also released some fine recordings as a leader, namely Whims of Chambers and Bass on Top.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0t1-DxX5Ew

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