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September 24, 2020
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This thigh bone whistle is on display at the Wiltshire Museum in the UK.

The burial rites of ancient and exotic peoples can seem strange to us, but there's nothing particularly normal about the funeral traditions in the United States, such as attending a funeral over Skype which is now commonplace.

It's hard to say if high-tech mourning rituals like turning human remains into playable vinyl records brings us closer to accepting dead bodies, but they certainly bring us closer to an ancestral prehistoric past when at least some Bronze Age Britons turned the bones of their dead into musical instruments.

Through radiocarbon-dating, the researchers were able to determine that ancient people who lived between 2500-600 BC were keeping and curating bones of people they knew well.

The researchers who made this discovery published their findings in the journal Antiquity under the title: Death is not the end: radiocarbon and histo-taphonomic evidence for the curation and excarnation of human remains in Bronze Age Britain.

The discovery making headlines today is a human thigh bone that had been carved into a whistle and buried with another adult male. When dated, it revealed that the thigh bone came from a person who probably lived around the same date as the man that it was buried with.

There doesn't seem to be any suggestion that this was a common or widespread practice, but it's not that dissimilar to wearing the remains of the dead as jewelry which the Romans did, the Persians did, the Maya did and the Victorians also.   
So, 4,000 years after our ancient ancestors have come and gone, the technologies have changed, but the basic human experience of death, loss, and mourning remains the same.
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Recorded in Schottenkirche Erfurt, Germany. Redzić's playing is musical, balanced, rhythmic and well-paced. The 'lute' suites have many editions and it's amazing how much editing is needed in some of them when transferring to the modern guitar. If you didn't already know, this one is Bach's arrangement from his own Cello Suite No. 5, BWV 1011 and transfers to guitar better than most of the suites.
7-Tone Interval Mastery

7-Tone was created to be a rigorous plan of attack through all seven diatonic modes and includes a deep dive into intervallic scale studies among other concepts. In other words, 7-Tone is a reference to seven-note heptatonic scales, such as major, melodic minor, harmonic minor and their modes.

This pedal features a new Vintage mode that delivers the trademark mono sound of the original OC-2, but with an improved tracking engine. The Poly mode now lets users play full octave chords and the Range knob chooses which notes the pedal will process. The lowest setting isolates the octave effect to the bottom of a chord. A new octave-up effect can be used on its own, or blended with octave-down effects.

Born in 1982, five years before the premature death of his father Jaco Pastorius. Felix has a long list of recording and performance credits including a stint in the Yellowjackets from 2012 to 2015, He plays in a handful of elite bands and delivers clinics and bass lessons. He's also written several books, including Hot Dog Dinners For 4 String Electric Bass, Just A.S.I.P. Of Coffee & The Chromatic Scale and Scales From Rhythm And Outer Space... Aka Tetra Cocktails.
Order Tone Note Music Method for Guitar or Bass now through October 1, 2020
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