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 September 3, 2020
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The human brain can recognise a familiar song within 100 to 300 milliseconds, highlighting the deep hold favourite tunes have on our memory, a UCL study finds.

Anecdotally the ability to recall popular songs is exemplified in game shows such as 'Name That Tune', where contestants can often identify a piece of music in just a few seconds.

For this study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers at the UCL Ear Institute wanted to find out exactly how fast the brain responded to familiar music, as well as the temporal profile of processes in the brain which allow for this.

The study found the human brain recognized 'familiar' tunes from 100 milliseconds, 0.1 of a second, of sound onset, with the average recognition time between 100ms and 300ms.
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This model features a deep C profile neck with narrow-tall frets and a laser-etched Fender logo on the headstock. It also features an alder body, treble bleed circuit and a 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with a pop-in arm.A trio of Pure Vintage '65 Stratocaster single coil pickups, as opposed to the V-Mods of a stock American Professional Strat. Desert Sand with a gold pickguard and Fiesta Red finishes are also available.
This bass has a mahogany double-cutaway body with a highly figured poplar burl top and walnut center. The three-piece maple and walnut neck features a dual-action truss rod. The pau ferro fingerboard has a 12-inch radius, 24 frets and pearloid dot inlays. It has a 34-inch scale, DMT pickups, a Dean high-mass bridge, Grover tuners and black hardware. The bass is available in four, five and six-string configurations.

Guitar Fretboard Facts 
Bass Fretboard Facts 
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Here is a brief 12 minute History of Rock 'n' Roll. Each defining moment is represented by a famous guitar riff. The journey starts in 1953, with "Mr. Sandman" by Chet Atkins. Pretty soon, and quite seamlessly, we get to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Ramones, and eventually some more contemporary pairings -- Green Day and White Stripes. All played on a $32,995 1958 Fender Strat.

When we talk about a guitar's "action," we are primarily talking about string height, but it's a feel thing that involves more than this simple equation might imply. Higher strings will make a guitar feel more difficult to play - stiffer, slower, just harder work for your fingers - even if every other aspect of the instrument's design and setup are exactly the same.
Guitar Rig 6 Pro uses machine-learning to reproduce the nuances of hardware. Essentially, this allows for added depth and realism. It also allows for the company to update effects and amps with greater frequency. It also features three new amps: Chicago clean tones, Fire Breather Marshall tones, and Bass Invader vintage tones. Chicago is ed amp, Fire Breather lives up to its moniker with boutique tones, while the Bass Invader focuses on, and Rammfire comes standard.
With tireless concert touring, Susan Weinert managed to play herself into the international league of leading guitarists permanently. Her powerful style, virtuoso technique and sophisticated, innovative compositions won her many ardent fans. A wide range of styles, from energetic jazz-funk-rock-electric-guitar-fireworks to emotional ballads performed on the acoustic guitar and featuring shimmering sound cascades were featured on her many albums. Susan passed away from cancer on March 2, 2020.

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