This week we are celebrating
12 years of distributing
Vermont Danby Marble!

Photos of our current stock
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Did you know the marble quarries of Vermont have a long and prestigious history starting back in 1767!?
Today many of the quarries owned by the old Vermont marble company lie quiet and vacant. The Danby quarry is one if not the only marble quarry from this history that is still active and growing.

In 2002 Vermont Quarries added a full scale production facility, also inside Dorset Mountain, where up to 4,000 square feet of slabs per day can be produced. Slabs and cut to size marble for various projects around the world can be produced directly from this underground factory. 

Photo Above: Recent Photo of Danby Quarry

Photo Right: Early Photo of Quarry Entrance.

The Vermont Danby quarry is the largest underground marble quarry in the world. The quarry is entered through the same opening that has been in use for over 100 years. From the outside of Dorset Mountain the quarry looks the same as it did a century ago. From there the quarry twists and turns 1 ½ miles deep where Danby Marble is quarried.

Photo Above: Imperial Danby Honed Marble Private Residence


Sustainability is very
important to the Vermont Quarries Corp. Vermont
Danby Marble qualifies for
LEED Certification
SS Credit 7.1

From marble kitchen
countertops to the most prominent architectural
projects, Vermont Quarries
takes great pride in supplying
the most beautiful white
marble available with
minimal environmental impact.
Photo Above: Montclair, Jacob Javits Plaza, NY
Photo below: Williams College, MA
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