Reconnecting Nebraska's Farmers and Grocery Retailers

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A Message from Kathy Siefken, Nebraska Grocer Industry Association

I hope this edition of Farmer Goes to Market finds you and yours enjoying a safe, joyous and prosperous holiday season. I'm excited about the opportunities ahead, despite the beating the food sector has taken. I believe that working together, farmer to grocer and everyone in between, we can push back against hard times by helping educate consumers about the great value they receive everytime they walk through the doors of their local, community focused grocer.


Thank you to everyone who has given us the benefit of your feedback on this valuable program. Your Nebraska farmers are a truly invaluable resource in helping explain sometimes confusing issues to customers, and I hope you put them to use at every opportunity.


On behalf of all of us at the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, let me wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.


Kathy Siefken
Executive Director
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association
We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation
The farm and ranch families represented by Nebraska Farm Bureau are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program. We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation. A key part of that effort is to make sure we produce safe and affordable food. This newsletter is an important part of our effort to connect the two most important parts of the food chain -- the farmer and the grocer -- with the goal of increasing consumer awareness and information about how their food is raised in Nebraska.


An educational program produced by Food-Chain Communications and delivered to members of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association. Farmer Goes to Market was established in 2008 to help bridge the growing gulf between today's grocery retailer and today's farmer, empowering them with full-chain knowledge to carry agriculture's true message to food consumers.


Nebraska's soybean farmers are proud to bring you this information to help answer customer questions
Nebraska soybean farmers and their checkoff are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program, realizing that this program provides an integral link in the food system chain. The information provided in this newsletter is a key step in our educational initiative, providing consumers with information on our effort to provide them with a safe, affordable, abundant food supply.


Navigating the New Food Movement:

The Top 12 Farm and Food Trends for 2012

Here are the top 12 food trends for 2012

Animal welfare. Organic. Local. Farmers markets. What's it all add up to in the year ahead? We've assembled the top dozen food and farm trends to watch for in 2012. Click here to read this can't-miss year-ahead outlook.

Foresight on Food Politics: Mandatory Hen Housing Labels on Egg Cartons Coming Soon?

Humane egg labels could come in as soon as one year

Exclusive news you'll only read here: Farmer Goes to Market has obtained details of the proposed changes to federal egg labeling being promoted as a compromise between HSUS and the United Egg Producers. Even as Nebraska's governor warns the public the animal-rights group is no friend to farming, our analysis of the compromise suggests HSUS may have put egg farmers at a disadvantage, and dumped the issue into your lap to explain to consumers. Read the details here.

Photo: Flickr/Farm Sanctuary


Competitive Commodity Insight:
Inflation-Adjusted Grocer Sales Continue Their Rise, Indicating Cost Increases Moving Through

Shoppers continue to increase purchases, even as costs ristExclusive market analysis from the team at the Food Institute shows the nation's grocers are successfully passing along this year's wholesale food price increases. What's in store for 2012? Click here for special access for Farmer Goes to Market readers from the Food Institute. 

Translating Food Technology:

Why Grocers Should Beware of Getting Too Cozy with Health Claims about Organic

Why technology is the answer to feeding the worldWhen a reader asked the Lincoln JournalStar's "Food Doc" Bob Hutkins whether the health benefits of organic foods were worth the higher cost, he very carefully presented both sides of a contentious debate. We, on the other hand, are not quite so diplomatic. Organic may be an important market niche, but grocers who get too close to some unprovable health claims are risking a highly perishable commodity of their own. Click here to find out what it is. 

Meet your Farmers...

What Do You Have in Common with a Nebraska Cattle Feeder?

Click here to hear from real farmers 

To start with, neither of you close for Christmas. Take a tour of life on a western Nebraska cattle feeding operation in this authentic amateur video from Whitney's Thompson Ranch.

On the Lighter Side:
Enjoy some Fond Memories of
Christmas Presents Past
1970s toy nostalgia to brighten your Christmas

Click here to take a fond trip down memory lane from an era before video games and computers. Here's hoping Santa fills your wish list this year!
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