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February 2020

Commodore James Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann

Dear 12mR Friends, 

What an incredible summer we had! Looking back, I have to say that Newport put on one hell of a show for the 2019 12 Metre World Championship. The feedback that we have received from our International competitors has been extraordinarily positive. So much so that US Sailing recently selected Ida Lewis Yacht Club for the 2019 St. Petersburg YC Trophy-- awarded for outstanding race organization of the 12mR Worlds-- based primarily on comments provided by participants.

As you may know, North American Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard and I are stepping down from our leadership roles. We will continue to support organizational restructuring that combines the N. American fleet with the 12 Metre Yacht Club. Challenge XII (KA-10) owner, Jack LeFort was elected by fellow 12mR owners as the new ITMA North American Vice President and Fleet Captain. He will be assisted by Linda Lindquist-Bishop, now engaged as our N. American 12mR fleet manager-- please see their message below.

Since the 2019 Worlds, there has been much change in the wind for the Newport fleet. Meanwhile our organization, leaders and members have been acknowledged and awarded for excellence. I hope that you will enjoy reading about the successes that we have achieved together and I sincerely thank each of you for your participation, assistance and support of the 12mR Class throughout my tenure as Commodore.

James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport
and your 12MYC Newport Station Friends
12MYC Officers
New Organization & Leadership:
 12 Metre Yacht Club and North American Fleet 
Jack LeFort
Jack LeFort
Hello fellow 12 Metre Owners, Crew Members and Enthusiasts!

As a young kid watching these magnificent boats race in Narragansett Bay, I never dreamed that one day I would own KA-10 and have the joy of sailing in one of the most revered and iconic classes of this century. The past 3 years have been a blast!


As we move into 2020 and beyond our #1 commitment is to help get as many 12mRs as possible out on the water racing. Before I get into some key changes in the 12 Metre Yacht Club and North American fleet, I want to extend several well earned and sincere THANK YOUs.


First to Commodore James Gubelmann for building and stewarding the 12 Metre Yacht Club. Jimmy's passion and commitment to 12mR racing here in Newport along with the invaluable talent and depth of knowledge of SallyAnne Santos, has created a communication and social foundation which will help springboard us to the next level of participation and enthusiasm for all things 12mR. We are grateful and enthusiastic that SallyAnne will continue her work with the NA fleet and 12MYC. She is an invaluable asset to our team. Jimmy and SallyAnne, Thank You for all your hard work theses many years with the 12 Metre Yacht Club.


Congratulations to outgoing N. American Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard and his incredible 2019 12mR Worlds committee at Ida Lewis Yacht Club for winning U.S. Sailing's St. Petersburg Trophy for the best managed regatta of the year! This world-class event set the stage for a fantastic rebirth of the 12s here in Newport. Due to the overwhelming success last year, we are looking to host another World Championship in Newport in the near future. We hope it will be as well attended and fun as the last; way to go Peter and team!


Changing of the Guard:

We are very grateful to Commodore Gubelmann and Fleet Captain Gerard. Both are stepping down from their leadership roles with the 12mR Yacht Club and North American Fleet respectively, but have agreed to 'stay near' and 'help out' as we transition to a new organization model and management structure. With their departures we have retained a professional fleet manager as is done by other successful, sustainable fleets.


Linda Lindquist-Bishop
Linda Lindquist-Bishop

Given our vision and plans for the future we feel it is imperative that the North American fleet makes this commitment. So I am thrilled to announce that Linda Lindquist-Bishop has joined us as Fleet Manager and Executive Director of the 12 Metre Yacht Club. Linda represents what is terrific about our sport both on and off the water. She will be combining our fleet racing activities into the 12 Metre Yacht Club, which will bring new focus and opportunities in membership, events, participation and partnerships. Linda is our go to person for all your questions and ideas.I ask you to join us in welcoming Linda to our 12mR community.


2020 Racing and Boats:

The 2020 N. American fleet schedule, found below and at 12myc.org, will feature 4 sanctioned events this season, including our North American Championship in late September. In addition to scoring on a boat-for-boat basis we will introduce a handicap system to give all boats the opportunity to be competitive and have the joy of winning. This handicap system is under development and will continue to be a work in progress. Our goal is to get as many boats on one starting line as possible. We are encouraging increased owner participation in the strategy and management of the fleet as we look to innovate and build on our current base of success.


After chartering a boat for the New York Yacht Club's 175th Anniversary, we are thrilled to have Mr. Okura and his Sled team join the Newport 12mR fleet. Mr. Okura has purchased Freedom (US-30) and will balance 12mR racing along with his TP52 program in the Med. Mr. Bertelli and his team are currently giving Kookaburra II (KA-12) an upgrade and will be joining us on the water in June. We also welcome new owners to our strong charter fleet, comprised primarily of Traditional division boats; they are the backbone of 12mR experiences here in Newport. If you haven't yet sailed on a 12, I encourage you to experience a day on the water on these boats. As Brad Read, afterguard crew of New Zealand, KZ-3 said to me once, "There is nothing like sailing these boats to windward in 12 knots-- it's just breathtaking." A bucket list item for sure!


While we welcome new teams and revitalized programs - our hearts are heavy with the loss of Freedom (US-30) owner, Charles Robertson. Charlie exemplified everything that was good and right about our sport. He gave many sailors their first opportunities to compete in the big leagues; he was passionate about racing and the legacy of 12mR yachts, and he loved each day he spent on the water. Charlie will be greatly missed by all of us.


This is a tremendous building year for our 12mR fleet and community here in Newport!


In closing I want to thank everyone who is part of our history now... and into the future.


Jack LeFort,
Vice President North American Fleet
Owner, Challenge XII (KA-10)
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US SAILING has awarded the 2019 St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy,
given for best regatta organization as voted by participants,
to the  Ida Lewis Yacht Club for the  2019 12mR World Championship Newport
US Sailing 2019 St. Petersburg YC Trophy awarded to Ida Lewis Yacht Club and 2019 12mR World Championship Newport
Ida Lewis Yacht Club has the distinction of being the first organizing authority in Narragansett Bay to be selected for this honor in the 33+ year history of the award!

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  ITMA President, DYER JONES Inducted to AMERICA's CUP Hall of Fame 
On November 16, 2019, at a spectacular event held at the Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Center in Flensburg Germany, International Twelve Metre Association (ITMA) President, William H. Dyer Jones was inducted to the America's Cup Hall of Fame.

2019 America_s Cup Hall of Fame Induction
2019 America's Cup Hall of Fame Induction, photo by Katrin Storsberg

Dyer Jones' contribution to the America's Cup stretched from 1967, during the 12 Metre era in Newport, through to the last appearance of the America's Cup Class in Valencia in 2007. During that time, he played a pivotal role at several important turning points in the history of the America's Cup. In 1967, Jones served as an occasional crew member aboard Columbia   (US-16) during the defender selection trials. Throughout the 1970s, he served on Auxiliary Committees of the New York Yacht Club's America's Cup Race Committee.-- America's Cup Hall of Fame website

 International Twelve Metre Association (ITMA) News
Check out the new official website of the International Twelve Metre Association.  Here you will find all 12mR Class documents including The Rule, By-Laws, Measurement Certificates, Race Results, World Champions, International 12mR Event Listings and 12mR NEWS. And, if you have not yet done so, you may easily join or renew your ITMA MEMBERSHIP for 2020.

The screenshot below, shows a small section our extensive, searchable  12mR database which contains the specs, photos and history of nearly 200 12mR yachts compiled by the late Dr. Luigi Lang and ITMA President, Dyer Jones. ITMA website database
This database will continue to be a work in progress... if you have relevant information, updates and/or photos to add, please  contact ITMA Secretary and Webmaster, SallyAnne Santos .
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 12MYC Commodore JAMES GUBELMANN Awarded TED TURNER Trophy
At the 2019 12 Metre Yacht Club's Annual Dinner, Members were thrilled to actually surprise their beloved Commodore James Gubelmann with the Ted Turner Trophy for his Outstanding Contribution to the 12mR fleet, On or Off the Water.

Commodore James Gublemann recieves the 2019 Ted Turner Trophy_ presented by Ted Turner_ Jr.
Commodore James Gublemann received the 2019 Ted Turner Trophy presented by Ted Turner Jr.

Friends and colleagues including Chandler (Bee) Hovey, Chris Meigher, Jamie Hilton and Ralph Isham toasted Jimmy and remarked on his total commitment and generosity to Newport's 12mR fleet. Each of them emphasized that it was Commodore Gublemann's vision that, along with 3 years of dedicated planning, resulted in the most memorable 12mR sailing season in recent history-- highlighted by the spectacular 2019 World Championship, which he was absolutely instrumental in bringing to life.
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12 Metre Marketplace by Paul Buttrose
Paul Buttrose
Paul Buttrose
In this year of renewed energy in our N. American fleet, Nefertiti (US-19) is under new ownership, American Eagle (US-21) is scheduled to change hands this month, followed within several weeks by Heritage (US-23). All three of these Traditional division 12s will continue to operate in Newport's charter fleet along with Columbia (US-16) and *Weatherly (US-17). The 12mR charter fleet will remain strong in Newport and most are race ready... just add your crew to form a 12mR regatta campaign. Meanwhile, if you would like to jump into 12mR racing with both feet, the yachts below are available for purchase, many of them fresh from Worlds Championship competition.
*also for sale

12s Now Available for Purchase


Gleam_ _US-11_
Gleam (US-11)  was was involved in the America's Cup as a trial horse to  Sceptre  (K-17). The late Bob Tiedemann purchased her in 1974 and lovingly restored her while sailing her in the charter business along the East Coast of the U.S. She has an impressive racing history with dozens of trophies to prove it.  Gleam  has her original 1937 interior complete with cabin sleeping quarters, main saloon, galley and beautiful head.  View Listing



Weatherly US-17



Weatherly (US-17) is a remarkable classic wooden yacht - an America's Cup winner, ocean racer, highly successful charter yacht, and frequent winner in 12 Metre regattas. Through her successful charter career spanning three decades, Weatherly has been not only financially self supporting, but continuously improved. Cosmetically she sparkles whether underway or at rest. She is offered for sale at a reasonable price. View Listing


Victory _83

Victory '83 (K-22) Following 20+ years of campaigning, Dennis Williams has placed her on the market. This is a 'turn-key' operation with an extensive lightly used sail wardrobe from 2019, the RIB and her container full of spares included. She is ready to compete in 2020. View Listing 

Enterprise_ US-27

Enterprise (US-27) proved herself in the summer of 2019 while under charter. With only one season of sailing she has been tuned and tested. All she needs is a suit of sails and an ambitious Team Owner with a competitive crew. View Listing




Australia (KA-5) was the only 12 Metre to win the challenger series twice. The 'low freeboard' speedster grabbed a race from Freedom (US-30), in the 1980 America's Cup. She was refurbished in early 2019 and ready to compete at the Newport Worlds, unfortunately that plan was unfulfilled. She needs a suit of sails and transportation from Sydney to Newport but the attractive asking price takes that into account. View Listing



Kookaburra III_ KA-15
Kooka III

Kookaburra III (KA-15) is in immaculate condition, another 12 that really should be in Newport. "Kooka III" is a proven winner; she dominated Australia IV (KA-16) 6-0 in the 1986 AC Defender Trials at Perth, but fell to Stars & Stripes '87 (US-55) in the Cup Match 1-4. Currently in Italy, her owner has expressed willingness to 'assist' in shipping her to Newport. View Listing

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Hello, Goodbye & Welcome to the 12mR Fleet!
Northern Light_ US-14
Northern Light, (US-14)
Freedom (US-30) is now owned by Mr. Okura, an accomplished racing sailor and member of the New York Yacht Club. Following a fantastic week of racing  Legacy (KZ-5) at NYYC's 175th Anniversary regatta, he decided to join the Newport 12mR fleet. He will campaign US-30 with his top-knotch SLED team in the competitive Modern Division.

Northern Light (US-14) was purchased by Hans Eliasson and Lasse Molse of Gothenburg, Sweden. They plan to race her in the beautiful 12mR Vintage fleet based in the Baltic Sea and have already registered for the 2020 12mR Worlds in Helsinki next August. We will miss seeing the beautiful "Light" ply Narragansett Bay, but glad that she will be out of the shed and racing with her contemporaries. It will wonderful to see her on the water again, even if only in photos.

USA (US-61) was recently purchased by Pearce Wood of New Orleans, LA where he plans a restoration followed by tune-up sailing on Lake Pontchartrain. In the near future he plans to charter her out of Pensacola, FL. and eventually trailer her back north to compete at the next 12mR World Championship to be held in Newport.

Herb Marshall_ American Eagle _US-21_
Herb Marshall, American Eagle (US-21)
American Eagle (US-21) After 33 years of racing and a non-stop charter schedule, owner and former N. America's Fleet Captain, Herb Marshall is passing "Eagle" along to a new steward who will continue to charter and race her in the Newport fleet. Herb's many contributions to the 12mR Class and Newport fleet has included organizing numerous regattas and championships, securing sponsorships and introducing thousands of sailors and tourists to 12mR sailing.

Intrepid (US-22) will continue her charter operations out of Newport, skippered by long-time 
Jack Curtin_ Intrepid
Jack Curtin, Intrepid (US-22)
captain Mike Paterson. Sadly, the glory years of Jack Curtin campaigning the magnificent and well prepared Intrepid with his 'all-star' Corinthian crew concluded in 2019. From the 2001 America's Cup 150th Jubilee in Cowes and at every regatta in Newport since, Intrepid has honored the fleet with her presence.

Sears Wullschleger
Sears Wullschleger, Nefertiti (US-19)
Nefertiti 's (US-19) long-time owner Sears Wullschleger has also retired from the 12mR racing fleet after 20 years of solid competition including the 2019 Worlds. Sears has already transfered ownership, but Neffy will continue to sail with the Traditional Division in the Newport charter fleet.

Dennis Williams_ Victory _83 _K-22_
Dennis Williams, Victory '83 (K-22)
Victory '83 (K-22), the last of Dennis Williams' three 12s is now for sale, marking his departure from the fleet. Along with rescuing  USA (US-61), and restoring  Defender (US-33), Dennis has been a major supporter of the 12mR Class. Williams has been a fierce and frequent competitor, topping many podiums during his tenure. His commitment, team-building, sportsmanship and enthusiasm have advanced 12mR racing in Newport.

Finally, we are all saddened by news of the recent passing of Charles Robertson, who owned and raced Freedom (US-30) from 2017 through the 2019 Worlds. Charlie's association with the Twelve Metre Class goes back to his boyhood days sailing out of City Island where he often crewed aboard Nyala (US-12) for Jerry Ford, and then later as owner of Cannonball (US-62, ex-J-5, ex KZ-5), and most recently as owner of Freedom (US-30). During the years that he owned Williams and Manchester Shipyard in Newport, RI, he also was involved in the construction of the three America II 12 Metre yachts (US-42, US-44, & US-46) and Eagle (US-60). He will be missed by the Newport 12mR fleet and all of us that knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Charles Robertson helms Freedom (US-30) at the 2018 12mR North American Championship.
2020 12 Metre World Championship ~ Helsinki, Finland:
Shaping Up To Be Largest Ever Nordic Gathering of Twelves

F ebruary 7, 2020: The 2020 12mR World Championship to be held in Helsinki,  2020 12 Metre World Championship_ Helsinki_ Finland Finland from August 16th to 23rd is shaping up to be the biggest 12mR event ever seen in the Nordics. Today's  competitor count  is lucky 13, comprised of 1 Antique and 12 Vintage yachts sailed by teams from Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Italy.

With all of the top European Vintage 12s racing in Helsinki's typical 15+ knot winds, this regatta promises to be iconic, exciting and beautiful. To reach the starting line, many will first sail 440 - 550 nautical miles from the Southern Baltic... read more

Vanity V__K-5___Trivia__K-10___Wings__K-15_ and_Sphinx _G-4_ racing at 2019 12mR European Championship_ Marstrand_ Sweden. photo_ Kim_Weckstr_m_
Vanity V (K-5) Trivia (K-10) Wings (K-15) and Sphinx (G-4) racing at 2019 12mR European Championship at Marstrand, Sweden. photo by: Kim Weckstrom

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June 12 - 14
July 14 - 18
August 20 - 23
September 24 - 26

+These 4 events will be included in 2020 Ted Hood Trophy scoring

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12mR Crew aloft  
After several inquires from eager sailors AND in view of 12s returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We are continuing to build our online CREW LIST for the convenience of our Members! If you are a SAILOR looking for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our CREW SIGN-UP page, create a Screen ID and complete a quick racing experience profile.

Attn: Owners, Captains & Project Managers: We currently have  19 crew candidate listings posted on our website. Each profile displays credentials, experience, availability and contact information. Eleven candidates indicate 12mR racing experience! Click through, perhaps you'll find your next crew MVP here.  
If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for your future reference.
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