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12th Annual 
Simple Cup Show 2018 

Showcasing ceramic artists from North America and Japan 

O pening
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Draw a number as early as 6:30pm. 
The  Cup Show lottery sale will begin at 7:00pm.
There will be no sales before the opening on Saturday.

Hayne Bayless  |  Ivoryton, Connecticut 

Over 290  cups have arrived from all across North America and Japan:  the Simple Cup Show is opening in less than two weeks! This annual tradition has generated a tremendous amount of interest over the last ten years, with the Seattle Times noting this as a "Recommended Arts Event " in previous years.

People line up to come to this show. This is an amazing opportunity to see a wide variety of cups from many nationally and internationally known ceramic artists. Participating
artists were invited to send in 4 cups for the show.

The 2018  Simple Cup Show is curated by Peter Olsen , Executive Director of Seward Park Clay Studio, and KOBO Gallery.   The show will run from November 3 through December 2018.
Please go to the KOBO Blog for our interview with
Peter Olsen, Director, Seward Park Clay Studio and co-curator of the Simple Cup Show.
Although Peter spoke about the  2015 Simple Cup Show in this interview, his words still describe the spirit and mission for organizing this annual invitational show .

Kathy Erteman  |  New York City 

Tetsuya and Momoko  Otani  |  Shigaraki, Japan

Details about show and sale
The Simple Cup Show showcases a wonderful survey of contemporary interpretations of the cup.  With each year there is much excitement generated to see the work of a new crop of juried artists. Our hope in bringing this show to KOBO Gallery is to showcase the functional work by notable ceramic artists from North America and Japan. 


Andrew Deem  |  Tacoma

Why the lottery? 
We sell the cups in a lottery system, which allows everyone to have a fair chance to buy one of their favorite cups.  
We ask that you will join us in expanding the spread of the creative spirit, and support our hope that these wonderful functional pieces be made available to many people. The lottery system allows everyone to buy at least one of their favorite cups.

The C up  Show sale begins Saturday, November 3rd at the opening reception. There will be a chance to preview the cups on Friday, 11/2, the day before opening.  Cups will not be available for sale until the opening on Saturday, 11/3 at 7:00 when the lottery begins. 

Ben Jordan  |  Belgrade, Montana
How does the lottery work?  
Arrive early to have a chance to enjoy a glass of wine and look over 250 + cups that have arrived from around the country and Japan. Starting at 6:30 pm, all who want to participate in the lottery/sale will draw a number from a hat. At 7:00 pm, we will let numbers 1-10 have a few minutes to pick their one favorite cup to buy. A few minutes later, the second group of 10 will get one pick, each, then the third group of 10 will pick one cup and so on. Peter Olsen, curator of the Cup Show will explain and direct the sale.

Once we get through the complete round of the lottery and everyone with a number has had a chance to pick one favorite cup, the sale will then be opened up allowing anyone to purchase any of the available remaining cups.

This year all purchased pieces will be displayed for two weeks so others who missed the opening can view the Cup Show in its entirety.  All cups may be taken home and enjoyed after November 17th.

KOBO reopens after the opening on Sunday, November 4, 12pm - 6pm. Any unsold cups are available to anyone at that time. 

Derek Au  |  Jingdezhen, China
Simple Cup  Show Awards
We are continuing two awards this year!

2018 Seward Park Clay Purchase Award   
This cup will be selected and purchased by the Seward Park Clay Studio for their permanent collection.

2018 People's Choice -  Best of Show Award
This cup will be selected by the attendees of the show .  Votes are accepted up to through 11/30. The sponsor for this award is the Clay Art Center of Tacoma. 

Thank you, Clay Art Center for sponsoring the 12th Simple Cup Show People's Choice Award!  

Clay Art Center, Inc.  
2636 Pioneer Way East  
Tacoma, WA 98404  

Tetsuya Otani  |  Shigaraki, Japan

KOBO  first opened its doors in 1995 featuring the work of small studio artisans of Japan and the functional work of Northwest artists. Exhibits are scheduled 5 times each year showing carefully selected examples of fine craftsmanship and design.     

Seward Park Clay Studio has been a vital element in the Northwest's visual arts community since 1969.  We serve more than 5000 people every year through our classes, our workshops and lecture series, our annual sales and our collaborative shows with local galleries.  Our mission is to promote the growth of the ceramic arts, and we welcome your participation in helping us showcase the work of significant North American and International potters.

12th Annual Simple Cup Invitational Artists

Nicole Aquillano

Reiko Miyagi

Derek Au

Lucy Nilan

Andrew Avakian

Deb Oliva

Posey Bacopoulos

Alex Olson

Hayne Bayless

Reid Ozaki

Robert Beishline

Mariko Paterson

John Benn

Justin Rothshank

Birdie Boone

Deborah Schwarzkopf

Kaitlyn Brennan

Yoko Sekine-Bove

Conrad Calimpong

Jeff Shapiro

Barb Campbell

Amy Smith

Kelly Lynn Daniels

Steve Theberge

Andrew Deem 

Gina Tibbott

Carol Epp

Sue Tirrell

Kathy Erteman

Kurt Weiser

Alison Fawsett

Dustin Yager

Dan Finnegan

Shumpei Yamaki

Jennifer Fiore


Ditte Fischer

Ken Aoki 

Jil Franke

Sumiko Aoki 

Brendan Fuller

Taro Ashida 


Ayako Komaki 

Damian Grava

Teppei Komaki 

Stephanie Galli

 Momoko Otani

Luc Hammond-Thomas

Tetsuya Otani 

Hiroe Hanazono

Kaname Takeguchi 

Jason Hartsoe

Naoto Tanii 

Ayumi Horie

Hiroe Yamada 

Michael Hunt

Shigeki Yamada 

Naomi Dalglish

Yoji Yamada 

Kirk Jackson

Rei Toyoda

Jake Johnson

Makiko Mochizuki

Ben Jordan

Naosuke Danjo

Peter Karner

Munejiro Natsukawa

Julie Knight


Matt Krousey


Joshua Kuensting

Yoko Watanabe

Haakon Lenzi

Hitomi Takahashi

Beth Lo

Yours sincerely, 

Peter Olsen
Executive Director, Seward Park Clay Studio
(206) 722-6342

Binko Chiong-Bisbee     
Co-owner/Director of KOBO
(206) 381-3000