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Vredius #12


Typographical Tour de Force
For the Exequies of Charles II of Spain
With Folding Macaronics, Calligrams,
And Large Engraving of the Catafalque
An Unusually Fresh Example

1. [Americana] / [Funeral Book] / ROCABERTI, Joseph . Lagrimas Amantes de la Excelentissima Ciudad de Barcelona ... en las Magnificas Exequias, que celebrò á las Amadas, y Venerables memorias de su difunto Rey y Señor, Don Carlos II . Barcelona, Juan Pablo Marti for Francisco Barnola, 1701. 4to. With 8 folding letterpress leaves (one of which in red and black) and 1 large folding engraving of catafalque. Bound in contemporary flexible vellum.  

Remarkably fresh example of the scarce first edition of this curious funeral book for Carlos II, notable for its folding letterpress calligrams, its fine engraving of the King’s catafalque, and for its reference to American Indians, Jesuit missionaries in America, an earthquake at Lima, and tidal flooding in Cuba ( European Americana , n. 227).

Thoracic Percussion

2.  [Medicine] / AUENBRUGGER, Leopold . Inventum novum ex percussione thoracis humani ut signo Abstrusos Interni Pectoris Morbos Detegendi . Vienna, J. T. Trattner, 1761. Large 8vo. Bound in contemporary tree calf.

Very rare first edition, first issue of “one of the greatest of medical classics” describing a new method of physical diagnosis, namely ‘thoracic percussion,’ or tapping on patient’s chest to determine illness from the resultant sound. 

“Chladni has Made Sound Visible” (Napoleon)

3. [Acoustics] / CHLADNI, E. F. F . Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges . Leipzig, Weidmanns Erben und Reich, 1787. Large 4to. With 11 engraved plates. Bound in half morocco and marbled papers over boards.

First edition of this experimental classic, which attempted to describe and visualize the production of sound from solid bodies, “the foundation of the modern science of acoustics” ( PMM ). Chladni devised a method of representing vibrating bodies by means of sand figures (still known as “Chladni figures”) by spreading sand over glass and copperplates and drawing a violin bow over their edges to make the plates vibrate, “thus demonstrating that the patterns and sounds of a vibrating plate are analogous to the shapes and tones of the modes in the harmonic series of a string” (Norman).

The Dominicans in Luzon

4. [Philippines] / [USTARIZ, Bernardo.] Relacion de los sucessos, y progressos de la Mission de Santa Cruz de Paniqui, y Ytuy, medias entre las de Pangasinan, Cagayàn, y Pampanga: Año de 1745. [Madrid?, s.n., 1745]. 4to. Bound in marbled paper.

Exceedingly rare undated edition of this report on central Luzón by Ustariz, provincial of the Dominican Order in the Philippines, focusing especially on the Paniqui Indians. A summary of the contents is included in the Blair/Robertson anthology of the most important primary documents of Philippine history. The work describes the arrival of the Dominicans in Cagayan, Pangasinan and Pampanga in c. 1739.

Troili’s Richly Illustrated Perspective Treatise

5. [Art] / [Perspective] / [Theater] / TROILI, Guido Paradossi per pratticare la prospettiva, senza saperla, fiori, per facilitare l’intelligenza, frutti, per non operare alla cieca. Bologna, Per gli HH. del Peri, 1672. Large 4to. Bound in 19th-century tree-calf paper over boards. With numerous fine woodcut illustrations.

First edition of this richly illustrated work. “Troili’s exceptionally handsome book on perspective is one of the real milestones in the history of theatrical scenery: It describes the conscious use of visual deception, the creation of greater ‘depth’ by means of oblique positioning of the wings, as common practice twenty years before Pozzo” (Breman).

Tensini’s Delicately Engraved Calligraphy Manual

6. [Calligraphy] / TENSINI, Agostino. Le meraviglie della penna conchiudenti in diversi modi di scrivere delineati, et intagliati . [Verona?], s.n., 1641. Oblong 8vo. With 22 full-page engravings. Bound in cartonnage.

Extremely rare first edition of a Baroque Italian calligraphy manual for students. With engraved title, address to readers, portrait and 19 handwriting and calligraphic samples, almost all ornately embellished with figures of men, women, cherubs, birds, insects, or domestic animals.

Liberté Démographique!
The First Modern Demographic Study
Conscription before the French Revolution

7. [Demographics] / [France] / POMMELLES, Chevalier de . Tableau de la population de toutes les provinces de France ... Paris, s.n., 1789. Large 4to. With 1 large folding letterpress table. Bound in marbled paper.

Very rare first edition of de Pommelles’ groundbreaking study of the population of France and its bearing on provincial militia quotas, written just before the Revolution and important for the application of statistics to the study of large groups. 

A French Antiquarian's Voyage to Egypt
To Remove the 'Dendera Zodiac'

8. [Egyptology] / SAULNIER, Sébastien-Louis. Notice sur le voyage de M. Lelorrain, en Égypte; et Observations sur le zodiac circulaire de Denderah . Paris, chez l’auteur, 1822. Tall 8vo. Bound in original printed wrappers.

First edition of an historically important work describing an Egyptian archaeological expedition of 1820 led by the antiquarian Saulnier to remove the bas-relief celestial planisphere or zodiac from the Temple of Dendera. The intense debate about the theological and and chronological import of the piece swept up many important thinkers of the time in what came to be known as the ‘Dendera Affair.’

Cartographic Bibliography of D’Anville

9. [Bibliography] / [Cartography] / [ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste, d’] . Notice des ouvrages de M. D’Anville...  Paris, 1802. 8vo. Bound in its original wrappers, unopened.

The first attempt at a comprehensive bibliography of D’Anville’s production of maps and books. One of the great French cartographers of the 18th century, D’Anville produced 211 maps and plans. “His maps of China, drawn at the request of the Jesuits for Father du Halde’s history, after reports of their missionaries, were the first to give an accurate indication of the Pacific coastline” ( DSB ). Many of the citations here are annotated.  

Artist’s Anatomical Sketchbook

10. [Art] / [Anatomy] / [Manuscript] / [BRENNER, Adam] . Anatomie Maler Studien . [Austria?], [c. 1820?]. Small 8vo. 44 leaves of drawings in pen and black or brown ink and pencil. Bound in 19th-century cloth-backed marbled boards.

An attractive early 19th-century manuscript of anatomical drawings of the human (male) body, many with muscles keyed and labeled in a minute German script. The notebook is attributed by a German pencil annotation inside its upper cover to the Austrian painter Adam Brenner (1800-1891), who studied with Leopold Kupelwieser (1796-1862) and Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1793-1865) at the Vienna Academy before becoming a varied professional who produced portraits, genre picture, still lifes, and history paintings.

Italian Painting in Microcosm

11. [Art] / SCANNELLI, Francesco . Il Microcosmo delle pittura, overa trattato diviso in due libri . Cesena, Neri, 1657. Large 4to. With engraved frontispiece. Bound in half calf and marbled paper over boards.

Scarce first edition of this unusual 17th-century survey of Italian painting. Scannelli follows Mancini’s tripartite division of Italian school (Roman, Venetian, Lombard), and, living in an age in which microcosms were ubiquitous, Scannelli compares the whole of Italian painting to a body, likening Correggio to the brain, Titian to the heart, Raphael to the liver, and Veronese to the organs of reproduction.

With over 300 Extremely Fine Engravings of Seals ( Sigilla )

12. [Engraving] / [Seals] / VREDIUS, Olivarius. Sigilla Comitum Flandriae et Inscriptiones Diplomatum ab iis editorum cum expositione historica . Bruges, J. van den Kerckhove, 1639. 4to. With more than 300 engravings of seals. Bound in contemporary vellum.

Rare first edition Olivier de Vrée’s (1596-1652) compendium of seals of the Counts of Flanders, a volume notable both for its antiquarian rigor – the work remains a standard reference on the subject – and for its some 300 very fine copperplate engravings meticulously cataloging the development of seals from the establishment of Flanders as a country in the ninth century (the 878 A.D. seal of Count Baldinus) to the time of the book’s publication (the seals of Philip IV).

The Life of Bernoulli
With a Very Rare Thesis Broadside

13. [BERNOULLI, Daniel] / BERNOULLI, Daniel (nephew) . Vita immortalis viri Danielis Bernouilli…delineata et in sollemni Eruditorum Panegyri Recitata d. XVII, Mart. A. MDCCLXXXIII . Basel, Johann Schweighauser, 1783. 4to. Disbound with spine covered with a thin strip of marbled paper. [With:] BERNOULLI, Daniel / PREISWERK, Alexander . Q.D.B.V. Theses Tumultuariae, quas favente divino numine, ex decreto amplissimi senatus Academici, Cavante Logices et Metaphysices Cathedra ad D. XIII. Sept. MDCCLXXI . Basel, J.H. Decker, [1771]. Folio broadside, with decorative woodcut border.

Very rare first edition of the first biography of Daniel Bernoulli (1700-82), the most celebrated of this illustrious clan and considered the natural successor to Newton and Leibniz on the Continent. The biography was delivered as a memorial oration by his nephew (also named Daniel) before the faculty of the University of Basel. Included here is an extremely rare broadside thesis on logic for which the elder Bernoulli sat as Praeses (examiner) at Basel during 1771. The work is unusual for containing material on the most sophisticated near contemporary work in logic, e.g., that of Leibniz. Topics treated include the separation of Logic as a science from Metaphysics, the logic of contingencies, and the argument (stated as a proposition rather than fleshed out) that the Cogito of Descartes is a form of question begging.


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