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13 Haunted Places Around the World
We all love a good ghost story, and no matter the country you’re visiting, you can surely find a haunted place to discover, as well as a ghost tour to go with it. If spooky places aren’t you’re thing, that’s ok. Many of these haunted places are still worth discovering for their exceptional location, architecture, and history. Here are a few famously spooky destinations for any traveler to enjoy.
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
It took on an eerie attraction after inspiring Stephen King to create the fictitious Overlook Hotel in The Shining, and it has also been said to be the location of many ghost sightings. The hotel offers nightly ghost tours and psychic consultations.

Casa Loma, Toronto
Completed in 1914, this castle includes secret passages and storage areas, and there have been rumors of ghosts for years. This October, the grounds of Casa Loma will be transformed into an immersive theatrical experience called Legends of Horror. Winding its way through the castle's tunnels and darkest spaces, Legends of Horror features all of the classic horror figures from past and present.
Bran Castle, Romania
It doesn’t get much spookier than seeing Dracula’s Castle! Bran Castle is linked to the historical character who was said to inspire author Bram Stoker. Now a museum, other scary sights within its walls include a golden casket that holds the heart of Romania’s Queen Marie.
Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah
Basically, all of Savannah is said to be haunted, with countless ghost stories stretching across the city’s squares. Bonaventure Cemetery, in particular, is quite eerie, with its overflowing Spanish moss and worn Victorian monuments. There are many noteworthy people buried here, but the child grave of Gracie Watson attracts many tourists. Having died when she was only six, her grave includes a life-size marble statue with her hand resting on a tree stump. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of Gracie near the site.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
One of the most popular attractions in Edinburgh is said to be one of its most haunted. With areas of the castle dating back more than 900 years, the ancient dungeons are believed to be haunted by colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War and French prisoners from the Seven Years War.
Himeji Castle, Japan
Himeji Castle dates back to 1333 and has some eerie legends tied to it. The most widely known is the story of Okiku, a mythical character who was falsely accused of losing valuable dishes. She was killed and thrown into the well in the castle. Her ghost haunts the castle after dark and can be heard counting the dishes she broke.
Oriental Theater, Chicago
Almost 600 people died after a fire broke out in the Oriental Theater in 1903. Even though it was completely rebuilt, spirits of those killed still haunt the theater. Ghosts have been seen in “Death Alley,” the street behind the theater where bodies were stacked after the disaster.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia
Built inside a cave on a towering cliff, Predjama, was constructed in 1274. At one point the residence of knight Erazem Lueger, the castle has hidden passageways and was reputedly a site of torture and betrayal. Lueger was deceived by his servants and killed in the castle and is said to still haunt it today. In 2008, Ghost Hunters International visited the castle and found paranormal evidence.
Castle of Good Hope, South Africa
Dating back to 1666, Castle of Good Hope is one of the oldest and largest colonial buildings still intact in South Africa. Located in Cape Town, it once held a windowless dungeon where convicts were chained to its walls and drowned. These convicts are said to haunt the castle today.
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada
Built in 1888 to encourage tourism and sell train tickets, this chateau-style hotel has allegedly been the scene of horrific murders, suicides, and terrible accidents. Rooms have been boarded up, and the paranormal are frequently recorded.  Several ghosts have been reported, including a bride who apparently fell down the stone staircase during her wedding.
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia
America’s most historic prison, Eastern State Penitentiary once held America’s most notorious lawbreakers including “Slick Willie” Sutton and “Scarface” Al Capone. It was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, carrying running water and central heat even before the White House. Today the crumbling walls create a haunting scene. Visitors flock to its Halloween celebrations every year.

Isla de las Munecas, Mexico
Just south of Mexico City, located in the canals of Xochimilco, you will find the Island of the Dolls. Dolls and doll pieces can be found throughout the island, originally placed by the former owner of the island, Julián Santana Barrera. He believed that dolls helped to chase away the spirit of a girl he found drowned years ago. Julian was said to be haunted by the spirit of the girl and started hanging the dolls in an attempt to please her spirit. After his death in 2001, it became a tourist attraction, where visitors bring more dolls.
Tower of London, England
Built by William the Conqueror in 1066, this fortress has served many functions over the years. It is most widely known for its bloody history as a prison and execution site. As protector of the Crown Jewels, home of the Yeomen Warders and its legendary guardians, the pampered ravens, the Tower now attracts over three million visitors a year. The stories of prisoners, rich and poor, still haunt the Tower.

Haunted Houses Around the Puget Sound
It’s time for kids of all ages to enjoy the spooky tradition of Halloween. Parent Map gathered a list of great haunted houses and scary attractions around the Puget Sound area to get in the scary mood!

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