The Board of Directors initiated a Glenmore sidewalk investigation nearly three years ago with the creation of a sub-committee under the Common Area Review Board (CARB). A group of community residents volunteered to work that project and identified potential areas for the placement of new sidewalks. One of the sidewalk portions is referred to as a "safety sidewalk" as it will be placed on the roadside of Newbridge and Farringdon Roads. These two roads have some of the shortest lines-of-sight in the community and are unsafe for walkers.
While this project has been endorsed by multiple Boards, the current Board approved the "safety sidewalk" Engineering Design work by resolution on 22 October 2020. Woolley Engineering has been awarded a contract for the design work. 

In the next days you will see some activity as this phase of the project begins. The first activities will include Miss Utility markings that identify utilities such as water, sanitary sewer, electric, and cable lines. Miss Utility will mark in the manner that you may be accustomed to seeing. You'll also see a surveying company marking property boundaries along the path with small wooden stakes and a pink ribbon attached. Please do not remove these stakes. 
Over the next several weeks we'll provide regular updates through the GCA Newsletter. You are always welcome to provide feedback to the Board or the CARB or attend any of the Board or CARB meetings which are posted on the GCA website.

Steve Antonellis
GCA Board of Directors
Common Area Review Board--Chair