God uses TeenServe Mission Trips to change lives! 
But don't just take our word for it...Read what the residents, participants and even a neighbor had to say about it!
What some of our 2013 leaders and teen participants had to say...


"As a youth leader, I really appreciate the balance of working, programming, and free time. You all help create a wonderful experience for my students that I haven't been able to find anywhere else."


"What I enjoyed most was simply going back to our church and sharing 15 different stories and hearing how lives were transformed - TOTALLY AWESOME!  Also the worship was top notch...Thank you Phil Joel and band."


"The resident I had, I fell in love with. She is 86 years old and me talking with her was great. We connected right off. We witnessed to each other, cried together and laughed together. God put me at that house."



Plymouth, Ohio

June 22-28, 2014


Rossville, Indiana

July 6-12, 2014 



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A Neighbor Notices... 
2 members of Crew 5 in Wabash
At a TeenServe Mission Trip, the workcampers show the love of Jesus to the people whose homes they work on.  But they are also a  witness to the other community members who see them.  Here is what Mike, a neighbor watching Crew 5 in Wabash had to say about them...


"I am writing this because I tend to break up some when I am talking seriously.   TeenServe is a tremendous concept. The young workers seem to enjoy themselves.   They are learning and making new friends.  There is never enough press or TV coverage showing the much goodness in our teenagers. These teenagers will be our leaders of the future.  Looks like we are in good hands."  


Here is what some residents had to say...
"TeenServe is a miracle from heaven."  Lorraine, Sagala, MI


"They were all great workers, a joy to meet and all were special."  Rose, Wabash, IN


"Enjoyed their prayers at lunch and when they left!  Thanks!  Arlene, Felch, MI

"This was a blessing to me - not only the work the teens and leaders did, but the opportunity to get to know the teens and their commitment to helping others."  Jayne, Wabash, IN 

"I will be forever grateful for the wonderful work you have all done.  You were all so nice and kind and thoughtful. I will always have a place for you in my heart." 
Beverly, Wabash, IN 

"This was the nicest thing that anyone could do for us - It was a project that seemed overwhelming for us to do on our own.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!." 
Allan and Phyllis, Iron Mountain, MI 
"It was an answer to a prayer!  June, Vulcan, MI

"They were the best group of young people I have ever met, including their crew leader.  I invited them all to stay with me!" 
Jean, Vulcan, MI

"They have touched our life and souls in many ways. Their positive attitudes have been great for our five kids.  They have truly been a blessing for us."  Cindy and Peter, Wabash, IN  

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