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Dear DUSD families,
When "13 Reasons Why" first premiered on Netflix last year, the show became controversial due to its storyline focusing on a high school student who commits suicide. 
As a result, DUSD and many other school districts sent warning letters to parents and provided additional resources from mental health advocacy groups. 
On May 18, 2018, Netflix began streaming the second season of the show. After last year's outcry, Netflix worked closely with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and other mental health advocacy groups and experts, to develop resources for viewers ahead of the second season. 
This season's show features public service announcements from cast members and a website designed to provide viewers with resources to help viewers address various issues, including suicide, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, and many others. 
While Netflix is attempting to address the concerns it created last year, it is not shying away from controversial topics or graphic content. Season 2 is receiving harsh criticism for a graphic rape scene. 
Because of the difficult and sometimes disturbing content portrayed in the show, it is critical that parents understand what topics are appropriate for their children. There are varying ranges of maturity among middle school and high school students. As a result, not all topics are appropriate for all.  
If a child wishes to watch the show, parents should watch it with them. Although many of the issues raised on the show can be challenging to discuss with your child, it is that dialogue that is critical to helping your child cope with problems they are facing now, or that they may meet in the future.
Here in the Dublin Unified School District, we offer many resources to support our students. Here is how to access those resources:
  • Contact your school's administrator. They can connect you with school resources right away.
  • Go to the Dublin Unified School District's comprehensive Bullying Prevention web page for support, (includes an anonymous tip line, which immediately goes to all your school site's administrators).
  • See Parent Links on the front page of our website for Tri-Valley Human Services Resources.
  • Seek counseling support at any of our K-12 schools.  
DUSD School Site Counselors:

  • Amador: 925-307-1950 - Melissa Urizar, ext. 6773                                      
  • Dougherty: 925-803-4444 - Cynthia Pizano, ext. 5814
  • Dublin Elementary: 925-833-1204 - Christan Daniels, ext. 5085
  • Frederiksen: 925-828-1037 - Erin Johnson, ext. 5210
  • Green: 925-833-4200 - Cynthia Pizano, 6661
  • Kolb: 925-551-4000 - Kathy Ng, ext. 6841
  • Murray: 925-828-2568 - Christan Daniels (call main line)
Middle School
  • Wells: 925-828-6227
    • Christie Yates, ext. 6154
    • Tia Baker, ext. 6154   
  • Fallon: 925-875-9376
    • Leor Levin, ext. 6332
    • Jennifer Lidster, ext. 6340
    • Liz Buckley, ext. 6311
High School
  • Dublin High School: 925-833-3300                                  
    • Gloria DaSilva, ext. 7004                                                           
    • Cynthia Walker, ext. 7055                                                              
    • Eric Callaway, ext. 7021
    • Warren Parker, ext. 7028
    • Caroline Rubio, ext. 7022
    • Kim Halket, ext. 7278
    • Dianna Heise, ext. 7175
  • Valley High School: 925-828-4322
    • Megan Pettis or Christina Goennier, ext. 7901 
Other Valuable Resources For Help :
If you have questions, please reach out to your school site administrator or counselor. 


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