At Catholic World Mission, we believe that alleviating material and spiritual poverty is a long-term journey. Our commitment to communities is based on the Lord's commitment to each of us. Jesus promised, "Behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20). The Lord never leaves us, but accompanies us at all times, in all seasons, through all trials and joys. We want to mirror Christ in this way, so when we finish one project for a community, we ask, "What else can we do to help you?"

Read about two of these long-term projects below: our newest projects in India, and an update about our beloved Ndekesha Orphans in DR Congo! 

Goats and Hope Go Hand in Hand
It's amazing what a little four-legged creature like a goat can do for a woman in need. Goats provide meat, manure, milk, and baby goats (called "kids")--items the women can use for themselves or sell for profit. 

Giving a goat to a woman in Kerala, India, can bring her and her family economic stability and hope for a bright new future. 

Our partners in India are working to do just that.  
Update: Ndekesha Orphans, and Bishop Celestin visits Atlanta
Pictured above (L-R): Deacon Rick Medina, Executive Director of Catholic World Mission; Bishop Pierre Celestin of the Diocese of Luebo; Fr. Donatien of the Diocese of Luebo; Ide Maka, our local partner to DR Congo; and Monsignor Marren, pastor of All Saints Catholic Church and great friend and supporter of Catholic World Mission.
We were so excited to receive Bishop Pierre Celestin of the Diocese of Luebo, DR Congo, at the Catholic World Mission offices a few weeks ago! He brought news about our beloved Ndekesha Orphans, and an update on the conditions he and his priests face as a result of the civil war in DR Congo. 

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Please join us in continued prayer for our brothers and sisters in the US and Caribbean as they recover from recent hurricanes, as well as our brothers and sisters in India, Nepal, South Asia, and Mexico, who have also been affected by other natural disasters. 

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