Being a Trailblazer is not a spectator sport!
Volume 3.5 | December 12, 2017
Last week - Today!
Here is what happened last week:
  • Family Math Night was a huge success! Thank you to all the families that came out to learn together. Check out some photos of our fun.
  • In celebration of National Coding Week, the Coding Workshop event had a huge turnout! We learned how to code and create apps. Thanks for coming out.
  • Mrs. Kissane also went to visit 1st grade to teach them how to code! Look at their minds at work!
  • Ms. Dias, Ms. Strakova, and the Kindergarteners went exploring last week and learned about playhouses!
  • The 4th graders celebrated the end of the Poetry and Expository unit by having a poetry performance. Check it out!
  • The 6th graders participated in two field trips this week. Project Oceanology got us thinking about how our actions in Hartford ultimately affect the health of the Long Island Sound. We also visited the RealArt Ways Theatre and saw a showing of the Children's March, which talked about the protests that led to desegregation! Trailblazers of their time!
  • Ms. Spyros' 8th graders learned about dilations. They created their own images and then dilated them by a scale factor. Check out their creations!
  • The 7th and 8th graders participated in a 2 week Rap and Poetry Workshop. Last Friday they had a showcase, check out these pics!
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CPREP Spotlight
Trailblazers of the Week
Lower School - Kayden Brown
Kayden is a 4th grader at CPREP this year. The 4th grade teachers want to recognize him for working above and beyond in his classes! He has been doing a fantastic job writing essays and poems in humanities. In math, he has been working through Eureka lessons, completing more than he is asked, and is working on 6th grade math as well!!! Kayden has been a great collaborator and knowledgeable person. Way to go Kayden! Keep up the great work!
Middle School - Patrick Peart
Patrick, an 8th grader, has been nominated by Ms. Spyros this week! He has improved greatly this year both in and out of the classroom. He is always on task and encouraging others to do the same. He portrays great collaboration and empathy skills when working with his peers. He is always willing to help out a struggling classmate. The middle school team is proud of his work ethic, behavior, and perseverance. Keep doing you, Trailblazer!
Upper School - Brigith Rivera
Brigith is being recognized by Mrs. Duro. She is a conscientious, hard-working junior here at Capital. She amazes us on a daily basis with her dedication and perseverance to always put in the extra effort it takes to succeed. She was recently selected to the National Society of Leadership and Success of Capital Community College. Brigith is kind, caring, and respectful to her fellow students and teachers, exemplifying great empathetic and collaborator skills. She is a natural leader and sets a good example for her peers. Brigith is a great asset to our school and our community!
Staff - Beverly Kissane
Mrs. Kissane has been a trailblazer for over five years. She got her start as an elementary teacher. She has furthered her own education and now teaches educational technology! She has opened up the discipline to grades K-8 and introduced out first Advanced Placement College Board course in Computer Science. She leads the STEM enrichment where students will be participating in Odyssey of the Mind. In addition, Mrs. Kissane is on her third season with Girls on the Run! After the most recent season, the girls participated in the Mitten Run 5K! Mrs. Kissane, we say thank you for all you do! We appreciate you!
Social Justice in Action
Peer Mediation- Tre'sor Stephenson
Tre'sor is the first Capital Prep student to start her Senior Social Justice Project as a junior. Last year she began training upperclassmen to be peer mediators and arranged for peer mediation sessions. This year she is continuing that but also strengthening the program by researching best practices from other programs, speaking to policy makers and training a faculty advisor. This will allow the program to continue even after she graduates. Keep it up, Tre'sor!
From Headgirl to College Class President
Asyera Clarke, 2017 CPREP graduate, is an alum we want to shout out! In Asyera's time at CPREP she was involved in many organizations and teams that helped to promote the Trailblazer spirit. Now, as a graduate, she is continuing in the Trailblazer way by being the first in her family to go to college. She attends American International College where she is studying education and plans to be a history teacher. Not only is she working hard in classes, she is trying to make a difference on campus by running for Freshman Class President. The election was last week...AND SHE WON! Congrats to you Asyera. Keep being a Change Agent that we are all so proud of!
College Prep 101
CPREP Academic Center = College Office Hours
In college, professors make themselves available during "office hours." During this time, students get the opportunity to talk about the subject matter with the professor. They learn more about the content than they do during class. And, professors focus on what matters most. (So you get insight on what will be on the exam!)

Get in the right habit of practice NOW! Go to your weekly Academic Centers at Capital Prep. Even if you are not struggling with the content, you are sure to improve your understanding. Good habits now mean greater success in college!
Principal's Message
Note to self...
Rise and shine! We are on a mission to meet the high expectations our students have for each of us. We are going to stay focused on the promise to prepare students for college. We are going to engage with students on their level in every effort to elevate their thinking skills. We are problem solvers and empathetic citizens. There is a lot to get today, so note to self....
Upcoming Events
Look at whats happening the next few weeks!

  • Holiday Greeting Cards for sale now - Order them here!
  • High School Finals Week (schedule) - 12/11-12/15
  • 6th Grade Project Oceanology field trip - Tuesday 12/12
  • Open House - Thursday 12/14 @ 8-9AM
  • Girls V Basketball Game @ Francis Lewis - Saturday 12/16 @ 5:30PM
  • Boys V Basketball @ Bunnell - Saturday 12/16 @ 7:00PM
  • Marking Period/Semester Ends - Friday 12/22
  • Winter Break - Saturday 12/23-Wednesday 1/3

For information on these events and more
visit the events page on our website!
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