Being a Trailblazer is not a spectator sport!
Volume 3.4 | December 5, 2017
Last week - Today!
Here is what happened last week:
  • We sent our Veteran's sock donation over to Community Renewal Team. Thanks to everyone who donated. The Veteran's will be so happy.
  • The 6th grade Ed Tech class had a guests that help them to take risks with their learning! Mrs. Kissane said they treated Ms. Holt with the utmost respect.
  • 15 of our lower school trailblazers participated with Girls on the Run by running in the Mitten Run 5k. Check out the Capital Prep Facebook Page for pictures!
  • Winter Sports began last week. All High School athletes should now be reporting to practices. Good Luck teams!
  • The STEM Enrichments began a new unit and are in need of toilet paper & paper towel rolls for their engineering extravaganzas! They are trying to collect CLEAN aluminum cans to repurpose them into tools and gifts!
  • Ms. Oliveira's Advisory began selling breakfast items during Advisory last week in order to help raise money for Puerto Rico relief. In just one day they raised $92!! Great work!
  • Girls on the Run continued collecting donations for the Newman's Own Holiday Challenge. Donate or share if you can!
CPREP Spotlight
Trailblazers of the Week
Lower School - Anniyah Lyttle
Anniyah, 4th grade, has done a fantastic job of writing about poets Robert Frost and Dean Myers in humanities. She has consistently been an excellent researcher and information processor. In math, Anniyah has shown off her problem solving and collaboration skills by working in a small grou while working on 6th grade math work! She has mastered her multiplication facts as well as factors and multiples! Keep blazin' those trails, Anniyah!!
Middle School - Kiarra Davis
Kiarra Davis is a 7th grader at here at CPREP. Mrs. O nominated her for the spotlight because she is always on her game! She is hardworking, always completes her work, and participates in class. More importantly, Kiarra always goes out of her way to help other students in class when they struggle, tutoring them on their writing assignments. We are so proud of her work ethic, behavior, and citizenship. Keep showin' the world how Trailblazer behave, Kiarra!
Upper School - Lataviah Bell
Lataviah is a Junior at CPREP and Ms. Duro wanted to shout her out this week! She works incredibly hard in AP Computer Science. She is a self-motivated learner who perseveres in problem solving. Her outlook on learning has a positive impact on our class. Lataviah will partner up with a peer at any given moment to reinforce the skills and tool needed to be successful. Kudos to you, Lataviah, for demonstrating what it take to be a true Trailblazer!
Staff - Terry Sears
Mr. Sears is a special education teacher here at CPREP. Everyday he works with students whose voices have been silenced by the world around them. Through his hard work and advocacy, students who might not have experienced success, are seeing results! Mr. Sears has a great relationship with all the students of CPREP and will go the extra mile to see anyone reach their goal. Mr. Sears is an amazing example of a role model for how Trailblazers should be in the future. Mr. Sears, we are so lucky and thankful to have you in the family! Keep doing you!
Social Justice in Action
Student Connectedness- Syruss Torres
Syruss Torres' capstone focuses on Student Connectedness. Syruss saw the importance of school connectedness and the impact connectedness has on school culture. He is currently organizing a School Activities Board (SAB) that will bring together all of the student organizations of CPREP.

As a member of the city wide High School Senate, Syruss, presented his project and findings and now several district school want to replicate his project! Syruss is making positive social justice changes throughout Hartford and is making his CPREP family proud!
Action Club
Action Club is a student run organization where members of Capital Prep come together and discuss solutions to social justice issues in and out of school. As agents of change, it is out mission to disrupt and dismantle oppression within ourselves, our school, and our society. To date, AC had held a series of workshops called No Name Calling Week and implemented a gender neutral bathroom. We are currently working on a Culture Night to celebrate CPREP's diversity and monthly Brave Spaces where anyone can dialogue about social justice issues.
College Prep 101
Read Nonfiction! LOTS of it!
How difficult would it be to complete a marathon if you are not used to running?
The amount of reading required during the SAT may feel just like a mental marathon. Similarly, if you are not prepared, your brain will run out of energy. The more preparation for race/SAT day, the better you will perform.

Start now! No matter how young you are! Prep your brain by reading nonfiction. Pick up a magazine, such as Time. Read newspapers online. Grab a book about a topic that interests you from the library. You won't get up to speed overnight, so start reading nonfiction now!

Check out LA Times Best Nonfiction Book of 2017 to get you started!
Principal's Message
Start Fresh!
I am not the same person today that I was yesterday. New information, interactions, and opportunities make me revise my thinking and actions.

Imagine how students are processing bits of information and making connections to previous understanding and beliefs. The interaction between new learning meeting old understandings should motivate us all to be innovate and courageous in our approach to engaging in teaching and learning.

How exciting!

I am looking forward.
Dr. Ferguson
Upcoming Events
Look at whats happening the next few weeks!

  • Holiday Greeting Cards for sale now - Order them here!
  • 6th Grade Project Oceanology field trip - Thursday 12/5
  • Family Math Night - Tuesday 12/5 @ 5:30-7:00PM
  • Coding Workshop - Tuesday 12/5 @ 6:00-7:30PM
  • 6th Grade Real Art Ways field trip - Thursday 12/7
  • RapOetry Showcase - Thursday 12/7 @ 12:30-2:50PM
  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade Playhouse on Park field trip - Friday 12/8
  • Winter Wonderland Dance - Friday 12/8 @ 6-8PM
  • High School Finals Week (schedule) - 12/11-12/15
  • 6th Grade Project Oceanology field trip - Tuesday 12/12
  • Open House - Thursday 12/14 @ 8-9AM
  • Marking Period/Semester Ends - Friday 12/22
  • Winter Break - Saturday 12/23-Wednesday 1/3

For information on these events and more
visit the events page on our website!
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