New Sessions Added
We have just confirmed 14 new sessions including three Breakouts, five Panel Discussions and six Program Descriptions.
These complement our already-confirmed program of 23 Breakouts, five Intensive Training Seminars and three Keynote presentations.

Still accepting proposals for poster presentations and networking sessions.
New Breakout Sessions
 Better Managers, Better Well-Being
Judd Allen, PhD
Human Resources Institute

Tad Mitchell, MBA
Culture of Health: What is It? Why is It Important?
How Do We Get It?
Judd Allen, PhD
Human Resources Institute

Richard Safeer, MD, FACLM, FAAFP, FACPM
Johns Hopkins Medicine; Johns Hopkins University
Generational Economics:
Engaging the Most Diverse Workforce in History
Don Powell, PhD
American Institute of Preventive Medicine

Brett Powell
American Institute of Preventive Medicine
Panel Discussions
Integrating Health Promotion into a Community's Core Values: From Idea to Action 

Moderator: Sheila Strand
Memory Matters

 From Workplace to Retirement: Role of Community

Moderator: Steven Noeldner, PhD
 Wellness Champions – The Secret Ingredients in your Wellness Sauce
Moderator: Marilyn Wolff, PhD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control
  Healthy Workplaces Healthy Communities: Shared Values Matter
Moderator: Emily Wolfe, MSW, LCSW
Health Enhancement Research Organization
Crossing the Aisle and State Lines:
Lawmakers Unite in Well-being
Moderator: Jennifer Wright - South Carolina Hospital Association
Program Descriptions
 A Culture Change Within a Medical Center Hospital System: Baylor College of Medicine - BeWell
Jesse Gavin, MA, CCWS, CES
Baylor College of Medicine
The Collective Impact of Employer & Community Core Values to Drive Change

Marissa Kalkman, MS, MCHES ®, ACSM EP-C
Wellness Council of Wisconsin

Creating Ecosystems for Healthy Lifestyles

Michael P. O'Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH
Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute
 Partners in Health and Faith: The Southeast Diabetes Faith Initiative

Pamela Price
The Balm In Gilead
Find Your WHY: Creating Cultural Alignment Around a Shared Purpose to Elevate Organizational and Employee Well-being
Michelle Spehr, MA, MEd, MCHES ®, CWWPC, CWFP
 Making America's Healthiest Hometown

Amy Wixted, MPH, MCHES®, CIC®
The Villages Health
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April 20-24, 2020
Marriott Hilton Head Resort | Hilton Head Island, SC
Presented in partnership with the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans