February 2019
At Steuben County Community Foundation, we're always asking people why they love Steuben County. Their answers about what makes this community special vary from the lakes to the welcoming people. We want to inspire everyone to love where they live, so this month's newsletter features 14 reasons to love Steuben County.
1 - Welcoming People
When asking why someone loves Steuben County, the answer is almost always “the people who live here.” Ramona Holsinger, who moved to Steuben County later in life, felt welcomed by the community and considered it her home. She decided to leave her legacy here, creating a scholarship for physical education when she passed away in 2017, and this was a unique result of the welcoming atmosphere. 
2 - Former Board Members
We’re grateful for our former board members, like Jim Stock who helped found SCCF in 1991. When he passed away in 2017, his family and the community rallied to create the Board of Directors Legacy Fund in memory of all past board members who have passed on. 
3 - Women's Fund
The two donors who established the Women’s Fund at SCCF, Lucille Whitman and Wava Aughenbaugh , believed passionately in helping to address women’s issues. Today, SCCF is pleased to see this passion live on through the committee of volunteers who make recommendations for funding projects to benefit women and girls in the community.
4 - Committee Members
In order to hear from a broad spectrum of community members about current needs and opportunities, SCCF utilizes many committees of volunteers. We’re thankful for the individuals who generously donate their time and talent to our committees for scholarships, grants, finance and investment, the Women’s Fund, the Humanities Fund, and the 7 Community Funds that represent Angola, Ashley-Hudson, Clear Lake, Fremont , Hamilton , Helmer, Metz, Orland , Pleasant Lake, and Salem Center.
5 - Margaritaville
For many years, the community rallied together at an event known as “Margaritaville,” raising money for SCCF’s general operating support before we were sustainable. We love the creativity and dedication of the volunteers who planned these extravagant galas, and we love the attendees who supported SCCF by joining in on the fun!
6 - FIST
The youth in our community give us hope for a great future, and we love seeing this through the students who participate in Forever Improving Steuben County Together (FIST). This is SCCF’s youth philanthropy group, and they have been volunteering in Steuben County, supporting nonprofits through grantmaking , and showing that teens can make a difference since 1996. 
7 - Designated Fund Donors
SCCF is fortunate to have donors who contribute to permanent funds that annually support their favorite nonprofits year after year. These gifts range from $5 to over $2 million, such as the one received by Don and Martha Rogers in 2013. The Don and Martha Rogers fund now support scholarships and three nonprofit organizations each year.
8 - Nonprofit Community
Last year, SCCF launched a 2 year nonprofit training series and created a dedicated monthly e-newsletter to support our local nonprofit community. We love supporting these organizations because they directly serve Steuben County people, making the whole community a better place. This week, we welcomed 20 guests who braved the bad weather for our grant proposal writing workshop led by Dr. Kelly Trusty. 
9 - Scholarships
We’re thankful for scholarship donors who believe in the importance of education and who support students as they pursue their future careers. Each spring, we gather scholarship recipients and fund holders to meet each other and learn a little about why the scholarship was created. These receptions are always a great gathering of multiple generations with a common passion for education.
10 - Anonymous Donors
Anonymous donors contribute nearly 20% of our gifts each year, who trust SCCF to administer these charitable gifts to the nonprofit community without releasing their identity. SCCF enjoys serving as a connection between philanthropic donors and organizations who make a difference. 
11 - Lilly Endowment Inc. GIFT Matches
Indiana community foundations are fortunate to have the support of Lilly Endowment Inc. Our local community has helped SCCF successfully complete 6 previous matching grant initiatives, we are currently hard at work for the GIFT VII phase . The Endowment’s funding helps SCCF become better positioned to support local causes. 
12 - Board of Directors
Board members serve a vital role at the community foundation, offering their career expertise, their community relationships, and their brainpower. They set aside personal interests to make tough decisions so that SCCF can serve the community. We’re grateful for those who helped get us off the ground in the beginning, for those who led with confidence during tough economic years, and for those who brought grand ideas throughout our past almost 3 decades.
13 - Baron von Steuben Society
A community foundation is built to last forever, and when we say we permanently invest our endowment assets to provide for future needs, we mean it! SCCF is grateful for the individuals and families who have taken this to heart and dedicated a part of their estate to SCCF. We’re proud to carry on their legacies through the Baron von Steuben Society.  
14 - You!
We love the many people who watch for updates about SCCF in the newspaper, read our newsletters, stop by the office to visit, and who support our work in innumerable ways. You make Steuben County a place where we proudly say you can “love where you live.”
Thank you to our donors!
The Community Foundation would like to thank the individuals, families, and organizations who generously made donations in January 2019 .  Your support is appreciated!
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2018 Endowment Booklet
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Philanthropy Quote of the Month:
"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."
-John Holmes