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Bryce is an intelligent young man who excels at school when he puts his mind to it.

He enjoys reading, especially Harry Potter books and 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He recently read three chapter books in one night! 
Bryce also enjoys competitive sports, including football and basketball. He wants to be on a team one day.

When Bryce has free time, he enjoys spending the afternoon being outside and fishing.

He would like a home where he can be the only child.

More support available for some former foster youth

You might be eligible for Ohio's  Bridges  program if you have emancipated from county care, are between the ages of 18 and 21, and are currently:
- Completing your high school degree or GED
- Enrolled in a post-secondary institution for at least 9 credit hours
- Participating in an employment program like CCMEP or Job Corps
- Working at least 80 hours a month
- Unable to work/study due to a medical condition.

Celebrating 141 adoptions in 2017 - 
an agency record 

Hamilton County caseworkers helped 141 children find forever families in 2017, celebrating the most adoptions in agency history.
The previous high was 135 in 2007. (Agency records only go back to 1991).
"I am proud of the work our staff did last year, especially their work in finding more kinship homes," said Moira Weir, agency director. "This is one the most important duties we perform as an organization - finding permanent, loving homes for children. I am extremely grateful to staff for working extremely hard on behalf of those who need us most."
Recruiters who are specially trained to find homes for harder-to-place children, delivered their best year, too, - 17 adoptions of teens, sibling groups and kids with special needs! Another milestone to be celebrated.
Chris Landon, a Children's Services supervisor who oversees many of the agency's adoptions, said private agencies have played a part in helping JFS, noting that they are increasingly licensing families for both foster care and adoption at the same time, ensuring they are ready to quickly adopt if the opportunity arises.
But much of the praise goes to the JFS staff who focus on adoption: Landon, Maggie Owens, Alex Grote, Sonya Lary, Danielle Varisco, Travina Adams, Emily Thompson, Michael Willis, Kamala Renick, Jona Lansman, Tammy Harrison, Michele Ryan, Dianne Shannon-Woods, Courtney Osborne, Amber Sawyer, Stacey Barton, Shawnia Robertson, Staci Crocker, Maggi Erhart, Phoebe Hart, Lasonya Hunter, Mary Stricker, David Steffen and Carson Taylor.
Margie Weaver, assistant director of Children's Services, said 141 is certainly a number worth celebrating, but the more important measure is how each life improved. 
"This is a life-changing event for children who really need someone to permanently commit to them," she said. "I really want people to realize how significant this is for a child. We all know the success stories that can come out of an adoption. Our staff should celebrate the fact 141 children now know they have someone they can count on for the rest of their lives."

Help us #FosterLove

You might have noticed, if you follow us on social media, that we nicknamed February the month of #FosterLove.

We are spending the month emphasizing not only that our kids in foster care need some love, but that there are many ways people can show them that love.
It's true that we desperately need more foster parents. But we also know that fostering isn't for everyone.

So we are highlighting some of the many other ways to show love to kids in care. Among them: become a HEMI mentor; become a CASA; donate to The FAMILY Fund. There are so many options.

You can also help by just sharing our posts. Thank you!
Thanks to all who donated sweats, hoodies

The Sweet Sweats for Love donation drive for sweatpants and hoodies for our kids in foster care ended on Valentine's Day - and boy, do we have a lot of sweatpants and hoodies!
Thank you to everyone who stopped in at a Sibcy Cline office in the region and dropped off the clothing. Our kids will appreciate having new items to wear.

Do you know a teen in foster care who's graduating?

If you know a teen in foster care who is graduating from high school this year or getting their GED, please let  us know. female_graduate_in_blue.jpg

As you might know, HCJFS puts on a big event for these kids called Celebration of Dreams, in June. We include a video of each teen. We will start filming those soon.

Please help us make sure all the kids who worked so hard to make it through school are able to come and be honored.