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Although typically not as often spoken about as doing preventative maintenance on your engine, there are other components that typically can wear out or need servicing on your Porsche vehicle that are often overlooked. 
Your vehicle's owner's manual should have lots of useful information as do the many publications available to assist technicians and do-it-yourselfers alike from publishers such as Bentley Publishing and Pelican Parts. 

Some manufacturers claim these are lifetime fluids but then again, what is considered lifetime - the length of a lease or something you plan on passing down to your children or grandchildren?
The answer is easy for us. Doing preventative maintenance is a good idea where it comes to extending the life of your car's components.
  • Tiptronic or PDK transmissions should have the hydraulic portion of the gearbox changed at least every 24,000 miles. The filter should also be replaced at the same time. If the history of the vehicle is unavailable and you have a vehicle with higher mileage, it is sometime better not to change the fluid out, as it can lead to other problems. In this case, speak to your local Porsche technician for their recommendation. With the gearbox, most experts recommend that the gear lube is changed at least every 30,000 miles.
  • CV joints should be cleaned and repacked every 10 years or if available, Genuine Porsche or GKN/Lobro cv joints should be fitted. CV boots if cracked or torn should be immediately replaced and the offending cv joint cleaned and repacked or replaced.
  • Wheel bearings - with earlier aircooled Porsche models, wheel bearings could be easily inspected for wear, repacked, and adjusted. Newer models like the 986 and 996 are sealed bearings that are non-serviceable, and often last up to 100,000 miles before needing to be replaced.
  • Front and rear suspension - a visual inspection should include checking for leaky shocks or struts, worn ball joints or tie rods, or for excessive play of any kind in steering or suspension components like control arm or sway bar bushings.
  • The brake fluid is recommended to be changed every 2 years or 24,000 miles, but many find improvement in pedal feel if they flush the fluid annually with a fluid that has a higher boiling point, such as Motul RBF 660. A cheap upgrade to your brake system is to upgrade to stainless braided brake hoses from the factory rubber ones - this greatly improves pedal feel. Just be sure to use a DOT rated and approved brake line since this is an important safety consideration. If tracking your car, flush the brakes before every event!
  • Brake rotors and pads.
    Some models with solid or even vented rotors that may or may not be cross-drilled can be upgraded to a slotted rotor. Where the cross-drilling does help with venting the buildup of gasses during braking, slotted rotors provide the same benefit without the issue of cross-linking of cracks in rotors that if left unchecked, can lead to safety problems, especially on track. Do you research, but there are lots of options here, even some that are cryogenically treated, which can give you longer service life. Likewise, there are many choices for pad compounds, but for street use, the Genuine Porsche brake pad is hard to beat for noise, pad dust, and cold weather braking.
  • Tires. When replacing tires, be sure to use quality valve stem seals and don't put on heavy valve stem caps to dress up your wheels - stick to the lightweight plastic caps to prevent valve stem failures. As far as the tires go, be sure to use a N-spec (Porsche approved) tire to ensure you are putting a tire on your car that is up to the demands of spirited driving of a performance vehicle. Also, don't mix and match brands of tires. Winter tires should be used when ambient air temps are below 40 degrees F or whatever the manufacturer recommends for your specific tire compound. Tire pressures should be set cold. And don't forget to torque your lug bolts - most models should be torqued to 96 ft/lb but verify in your service manual to be sure.
  • Power steering fluid is another often overlooked item. Recommendations for replacement interval vary greatly from every two years to every 100,000 miles. Your mileage may vary, but it's probably a safe bet to change the power steering fluid every 4 years or 50,000 miles. If changing brands of fluid, be sure to completely flush the system to ensure you do not have any residual of the original fluid, so you'll need extra fluid on hand.
  • The coolant should be replaced every 4 years or 50,000 miles when you install a new water pump as part of recommended preventative maintenance, along with a low temperature thermostat and Driven CSP - coolant system protectant. The serpentine drive belt should also be replaced at this time. Inspect the coolant reservoir for signs of leaks - if there are any leaks whatsoever, replace the whole tank along with the cap - be sure to use the Genuine Porsche tank with the blue pressure relief cap.
  • Battery. Last but not least, don't ignore your battery. Cars that are not driven daily should use a battery tender to extend the life of the battery and also ensure that you don't find a dead battery next time you drive the car. There are many choices when it comes to batteries, but choosing a sealed battery is one upgrade that can mitigate problem caused by leaking battery acid.
As with your engine, subjecting your Porsche vehicle to the stresses of track use, even if occasionally, means you need to up the time and mileage for servicing these components to extend their service life and prevent failures.
Becoming familiar with your vehicle and understanding all the things that make it work, regardless or whether you do the work yourself or have a local mechanic that maintains your vehicle, makes you a better owner and custodian of your Porsche.
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