Check out the new flavors and hookahs we just got in! Summer is right around the corner and Memorial Day weekend is coming up! Stock up now!

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TXH Hose Special!!!

TXH Hookah Hose
A premium hookah hose fully washable with detachable tip!

All Flavors Back In Stock!!!

Lolli-Tips Hookah Candy Tips
A candy mouthtip to enhance flavor - 8 flavors

NEW Products

Fumari Shisha Tobacco
NEW Fumari Flavor - Sweet Mint

Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco
NEW Starbuzz Shisha Flavors

Cocourth Hookah Charcoals
Golden Dessert Hookah Coals
NEW Coconut Charcoals from Cocourth and Golden Dessert

MYA Loucii Hookah
Starbuzz Serpent Dark Shisha - NEW

Deezer Panda Hookah
NEW Deezer Modern Hookahs

Afzal Pan flavors are back!
(New Pan Flavors Available)

Pan Shisha Flavors
Bombay Pan Masala
Pan Masala Supreme
Grape Pan Twist
Pan Apple Splash
Pan Twist - NEW
Pan Fusion - NEW
Sweet Pan - NEW
Kesar Pan - NEW
Coco Pan - NEW

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