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This photo is reminiscent of the original Holy Family, which was likely as poor and as desperate as ours.


Our Fall Fundraiser was a big success. We are so grateful for your support. Thanks to you, we raised over $15,000.

As always seems to be the case, TIG'S work is full of hopes and heartbreak, and not necessarily in equal measure.

Last newsletter we told you we were working on getting corrective surgery for Annu, a girl who was badly burned in an accidental fire as a child. Her face has been disfigured by this burn, and that has made her essentially un-marriageable. In the United States this would not be life-threatening, but in India, without a husband to support her, we wondered how she would survive.

Paul made a last-minute trip to India to facilitate surgery through a nonprofit organization in a faraway city. After much back and forth, the surgery did not take place and we were back at square one. Luckily, we chanced upon a wonderful organization, the Children's Burn Foundation  and have begun the process of applying for help.

 We will keep you posted. 

Meantime, our warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday and joyous 2016!

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