15 - November 22, 2020
Dear Parents,
We have updated the CNG COVID Flowchart Student Family English Spanish to match current biosecurity procedures in Colombia and around the world. We hope you will find this useful should anyone in your household test positive and/or begin to show symptoms of COVID-19.
As well, in order to help streamline Communication, please take a look at the CNG Hybrid Model Communication Flow Chart
Warm Regards,
CNG Thanksgiving 2020

Dear CNG Community,

This year, instead of the traditional food baskets, we are gathering funds to provide our General Services workers with Sodexo bonos. As of last Friday we have reached a 59% participation rate. We are still far from our goal and need everyone's help!  

To learn more about this very special CNG tradition and information about how you can donate, please go to this LINK

Thank you to families that have already contributed to this year’s Thanksgiving celebration!

National Junior Honor Society & National Honor Society Members and Faculty Advisors

Dear CNG Community, 
As we all know, knowledge is power. The CNG Counseling Department wants to help you know and understand the challenges that our students are facing in lue of increased use of technology. It is difficult for us and the students in finding a healthy balance between being logged on and being present with school and a social life as well as knowing when it crosses over towards an unhealthy path. As the following article explains there are more negatives than positive when it comes to social media and we should be aware of ways to encourage respect and self love. As we begin to settle into another new normal please be extra aware of your student’s technological habits and encourage them to find that healthy balance. If you are noticing a change in sleeping habits, behavior and attitude please reach out to your Counselors, we are always here to help and support you!

Athletics & Condor Activities

Congratulations! One successful hybrid module has been completed! Our on-campus P.E. Students expressed genuine enjoyment from being able to participate in individual activities on campus. This is definitely a boost to their social and emotional well being. Following the CNG core values has demonstrated that they will help keep us safe while we progress towards more social connections throughout the year. Condor activities and athletics are keeping a close eye on our progress in the hopes that we may participate once again later this year. 

There will not be Condor Activities classes from Wednesday, November 25 thru Friday, November 27. Classes will resume on Monday, November 30, on the regular schedule. Enjoy spending time with family and being mindful of all there is to be thankful for, especially during these interesting times, Athletics as normal.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dear Community,

November always reminds us of gratitude. It’s the month of Thanksgiving, where we give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives. The PTA wants to practice gratitude with our CNG community by giving all students, teachers and staff a Gratitude Bracelet. Today we are thankful for,

  • Our CNG parent community, for their invaluable partnership. 
  • Our teachers for their support, kindness, and dedication. 
  • Our students for their resilience, strength, and positive attitude. 
  • Our schoolwide staff for their compromise and constant support. 
  • Our Leadership and Administration team, for their perseverance, hard work, and for keeping us safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Together we continue Building Community, even at a distance!