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Angela Beusse, Director, Agent & Business Services

15 May 2021 Changes: Customer Communication Memo 1 of 4

This memo Customer Communication is the first in a 4-part series of memos NFC will be releasing regarding changes effective 15 May 2021 in the:

USTRANSCOM stresses the importance of maintaining regular contact with the customer during their household goods move. We have identified the most impactful changes to our agents regarding communication in this memo.

Tender of Service:

Page 17, Section 20: Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) Language Prohibition: states that the TSP and/or agent CANNOT survey the customer on the work performed in anyway. This includes: verbal, print material, electronic material, or social media. As an example: standard industry practice is for agents to provide a survey form with the moving documents rating the crew. We cannot provide that form to the customer anymore. We may only remind them to take the DOD CSS survey.

Page 18, Section 1., d: Pickup and Delivery Dates: the TSP is required to maintain customer support capability for issues pertaining to the customers move from:

  • 0800-1700 Monday – Saturday from 15 May to 31 October
  • Customer support hours will be based on the customer’s location/time zone
  • Customer must receive a response to a voicemail or call the same business day
  • Wait times do not exceed 20 minutes

While our office is responsible for being available, we may reach out to our agents during extreme circumstances if an issue needs resolution.

Page 19, Section k., 3: 24-hour Notification: The customer needs to be provided at least 24 hour notice for delivery and we cannot deliver a customer’s personal property to SIT without approval unless 2 documented unsuccessful attempts to contact the customer are made six hours apart. In addition, SIT cannot start on weekends and/or holidays. 

It is imperative that our haulers keep in constant communication with us and the customer regarding their ETA. The NFC Hauler Updates report is sent out daily and fields in GOLD are missing items. Simply, hit reply to the email, enter in the known information, and we will update our records. In addition, we encourage your driver to be in contact with the customer regarding their ETAs in order to effectively manage USTCs requirement. Below is an example of the NFC Hauler Updates Report:

Page 17, Section 2 Pass Through Charges: While NFC has always paid the agent pass through charges, as an agent it is important to note that they have been clearly defined as: all SIT related charges (i.e., delivery into origin SIT, delivery out of destination SIT, SIT 1st Day, Warehouse Handling, and Additional Days of Storage), and Fuel Surcharge (FSC) for the relevant portion of these services actually performed by subcontractor.

Page 25, Note 3 Witnessed reweigh: When PPSO requests a reweigh, the reweigh must be completed at destination (prior to storage or delivery) with sufficient time to allow the government or the customer an opportunity to witness the reweigh. Our office will advise as soon as possible when the PPSO or customer requests a witnessed reweigh, however, our policy is that the hauler/SIT agent work directly with the customer to schedule time and place of reweigh.  

In addition, NFC's policy is to support ALL reweighing of shipments at destination, not just PPSO requests. If this cannot be accomplished, contact our Operations team to advise.

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list of the changes effective 15 May 2021, and we encourage our agents and haulers to review the documents referenced. Our future memos include the following topics:

  • Memo 2: New Agent & Hauler Responsibilities
  • Memo 3: Claims Updates
  • Memo 4: International Shipment Updates

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Agency Services at
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