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15 May 2022 Changes: IT-22 Memo 3 of 3

On November 5, 2021, USTRANSCOM released the 2022 DP3 Business Rules, including the 400NG, Tender of Service, Claims & Liability Business Rules, and IT-22. This memo serves as the third in a series of three, in which we will discuss all relevant changes in the 2022 Business Rules. Please note that our discussion in these memos is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to review the business rules yourself in addition to our memos.
IT-22 Changes
Please note that these changes will go into effect for all shipments picked up May 15th, 2022 and beyond:
Electronic Inventories: Tender of Service C.5.a.1
As with domestic shipments, electronic Inventories are strongly encouraged this year, but not mandatory until May 2023. Here are a few electronic inventory providers to get you started in your search: VoxMe, EDC Digital Inventory, Move4U, and Moveware.

Auto reweigh: IT-22 505.1.3.a
Our office will communicate with the DA at 3 different points to advise of a reweigh requirement: once initially determined, during scheduling delivery process, and lastly 24hrs prior to scheduled delivery date.

Failure to reweigh:
As with domestic, wording was added to the IT to say "If a reweigh was not performed, and the weight exceeds the customer's entitlement, TSP can only seek payment up to 110% of the customer's weight entitlement."

Auto Reweigh requirements have changed:
All UB shipments weighing 500 lbs or more are still required to be reweighed. For HHG shipments, grades E-6 thru O-10 are automatically required to be reweighed if the original weight is 7000 lbs or more. For grades E-1 thru E-5, HHG shipments weighing 4000 lbs or more are required to be reweighed.

Accurate Pre-move Survey: Tender of Service C.1.j.2
Weight estimates during the pre-move survey must now be accurate within 10% of actual shipment weight. Our office will communicate with the OA if the difference between surveyed and actual weight is >10% to determine the reason for the discrepancy. We will update DPS accordingly. 

Spread Dates: Tender of Service C.1.1
Spread dates will be utilized in 2022 cycle. We’ll provide the date spread including the PU NLT Date when contacting the OA to provide origin services. It is vital you keep us up to date on any blackouts:

Security Seals: Tender of Service C.7.h
Tamper-evident Security seals are required on ALL external containers including overflow, oversize boxes, and rug cartons. The following responsibilities will apply:
  1. Origin Agent – Seals will be placed at residence and seal numbers will be annotated on the inventory list.
  2. Port Agent – immediately notify TSP if seals are discovered broken during trucking or stuffing stage.
  3. Destination Agent – immediately notify TSP if seals are discovered broken upon arrival to warehouse.

If you have any questions about the changes discussed in this memo, please reach out to Be sure to read the rest of our memo series to stay up to date on the changes for 2022.

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