July 9, 2020

To our new students, welcome! And to our returning students, welcome back! We are so looking forward to welcoming you all to CIM’s new residence hall, 1609 Hazel.

Residence hall move-in looks different this year from how it has been in the past. We are taking significant steps to ensure social distancing and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Each resident, whether new or returning, will have an assigned 2.5-hour window. Your specific move-in appointment details are in bold below. If you are traveling internationally and plan to quarantine in 1609 Hazel, please notify Cicely Schonberg ( cicely.schonberg@cim.edu ) of your travel plans as soon as possible to make appropriate arrival arrangements.

For everyone’s health and safety, we will not have volunteers helping load in student belongings. There will be dollies and carts available for you to use with staff sanitizing these items between uses. Residence Life staff will also be available on-site to assist with questions and any move-in related issues that might arise.

[Name], your move-in appointment is on [Date] from [Start] to [End]. You may arrive at any time within this window, but early access will not be permitted. When you arrive, a Residence Life staff member will check you in and direct you to a space where you can unload. After emptying your car, we will ask you to move into the CIM parking lot. You will then have the rest of your move-in window in the building to begin unpacking.

You and up to two helpers – family, friends or others – can move your belongings into your room and begin getting settled for the duration of your move-in window. Anyone entering the building must wear an appropriate face covering. Only one resident will move into a suite at a time.

Once your move-in appointment ends, any and all helpers must leave the building. As a resident, you are welcome to stay in the suite to continue unpacking. Please note that students in double rooms should plan to leave the room when their roommate is moving in to allow for as much social distancing as possible. You will receive a full move-in schedule for your suite when you check in.

Click here for the measurements of furniture and storage spaces in each room to help you in your packing.

 Thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding as we work to make sure we keep the CIM community as safe as possible. We look forward to seeing you on campus very soon! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Cicely Schonberg, Resident Director
David Gilson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs