Submission of our first District resolution prepared by our Legislative Chair, Heather Fernandez Smith entitled Temperature Control Standards in the Classroom Setting.  Heather has been researching and advocating for the need to establish set temperatures in the classroom as temperatures have been known to reach above 81 degrees, the level where research finds impaired decision making, reduction in academic achievement, decreased in productivity, and increased aggressive behavior. Heather will be presenting this resolution at the California PTA Convention in Monterey, CA being held on May 16-18. 2019 . Once passed by membership, she aspires to work with PTA districts and legislators to create legislation to address this need. Thank you Heather for a job well done!

We hope each unit will send at least one representative to the State Convention to support Heather and Sixteenth District’s resolution submission. PTA leaders convention legitimate unit/council PTA expenses. Additionally, Sixteenth District will be offering two $500 scholarships to attend convention. Details and the application will be available in February.

MJ Lonson
16 th District PTA President