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3-Quart Silicone Coffee Enema Bag Kit with Flex Tip Nozzle
"I truly wish that everyone could experience the complete feeling of the enema series. They wouldn't believe it!" (Client Testimonial) 
enema retention nozzle
Flexible Inflatable Retention Nozzle System 
How to use the retention nozzle:

1. Attach the small tubing that comes out of the tan nozzle to the balloon inflator connector. This may take a couple of tries because the tubing and the balloon connector are similar in size, but the tube that comes out of the nozzle does fit over the balloon inflator connector.

2. Insert the tan flex tip nozzle into the rectum. Squeeze the air pillow only once and then move the orange keyhole clamp over the connector to stop the air flow and keep the retention nozzle inflated.

3. When you are ready to pull the nozzle out of the body, release the orange keyhole clamp from the connector and that will deflate the retention nozzle.
do not use Fleet chemical enemas_
Using Fleet® Enemas for Your Colon Cleanse? Think Twice!
Fleet enemas do not cleanse the entire colon. Fleet® enemas clean only the rectal area and (if you are lucky) the sigmoid area of the colon, so I do not recommend them firstly for this reason.

Fleet enema solutions also pose a risk for serious health side effects!

Unfortunately, due to the broad influence of pharmaceutical companies, chemical laxative enemas are currently among the enemas of choice for most people. However, chemical enema solutions can cause serious health problems due to electrolyte imbalances, vitamin and mineral imbalances, and liver strain. This is the second reason why I do not recommend using Fleet or other chemical enemas.

On the actual product labels of these chemical enemas it states, "Since Fleet® Enema contains sodium phosphates, there is a risk of elevated serum levels of sodium and phosphate and decreased levels of calcium and potassium, and consequently hypernatremia, hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, hypokalemia, and acidosis may occur."

THINK TWICE before using chemical enemas. There are many safer colon cleanse alternatives available to you through the Optimal Health Network!

Not only is reusable enema equipment more economical and less wasteful, but it is hygienic for repeated use if cleaned and cared for properly, as outlined below.


Use hot, soapy water with a non-chemical soap such as Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap or Young Living Thieves Cleaner.

To disinfect your nozzle each time, and your entire system as desired, use grapefruit seed extract and water, hydrogen peroxide and water, or any of the many other types of non-toxic disinfectants.

Prop the enema bag open. Crumple up a wash cloth or paper towel and stick it inside the bag. Take it out once the bag has dried well.

Hang the enema equipment, making sure the entire system dries out fully. Blow-dry the colon tube, hose, and bag if needed, especially in humid environments.

For added ease of cleansing, use clear tubing and silicone enema bags or stainless steel enema buckets.

Replace enema tubing frequently.

Use pipe cleaners and bottle brushes.

Inspect all enema equipment after cleaning and before next use.
colon cleanse and enema products
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