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September 2015 Edition

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Welcome Fall!
"Markets are up, markets are down. Bad advice is easily found."  - Rick Alford

The Living Benefits of Life Insurance: Eye on Two Riders
Life insurance can provide much more than death benefits. With a Chronic Illness Rider, it can also help to pay for expenses resulting from a long-term illness.
Ed Slott's 3 reasons to replace
the stretch IRA with
life insurance

The stretch IRA may be on the chopping block. Congress is constantly looking for new revenue and may soon replace the stretch IRA with a 5-year rule...
A Note from the
Accounting Sleuth
Another Media-Induced Selling Frenzy
The selling mania that has hit the world's stock markets is a recurring theme. 

Three or four times a year, the market takes a breather, and then maybe once every five years, the fear mongers who have never ceased shouting "crash" from the sidelines have their little day in the sun.
Market Linked CD  September Offerings
Don't Let This Opportunity
Slip Through Your Fingers

Don't Let This Slip Through Your Fingers...
FACTS: A deposit of $100,000.00...
  • 5.5 years ago - now worth $143,160.00 (7.85% APY)
  • 7 years ago - now worth $183,640.00 (11.95% APY)
  • 10 years ago - now worth $274,980.00 (17.50% APY)
FDIC Insured Market Linked CD Highlights... 
  • 401k, IRA, 403b, ROTH all qualify!
  • Diversified exposer to 7 different asset classes.
  • Uncapped interest at maturity.
  • 100% Principal Protected when held to maturity
Market-Li nked CD s (MLCD) off er principal protection, FDIC insurance and potentially higher interest rates than typical CD's. Instead of a low fixed-rate, MLCDs offer variable interest generated by the performance of the Stocks, Commodities, Currencies or Index, it is linked to.

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Top 10 reasons people are transfering billions into annuities.
W all Street has robbed retirees with the IRS forced liquidation sale from which investors can never, ever recover. Banks and federally regulated interest rates are bankrupting people dependent upon interest income from their bank accounts. 
So, what's the good 
Social Security Timing Class  at Collin College
Which of the 567 ways to claim  is right for you?
T here may be retirement benefit strategies available to you that could substantially increase your future payments even if you have already begun collecting.

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