17 - December 7, 2020
Dear Parents,

In light of the recent devastation that Hurricane Iota caused on San Andrés and Providencia, we invite our CARING community to support the numerous campaigns and organizations that are carrying out critical work to provide relief to the people of the islands. Our hearts and prayers are with those impacted by this tragedy.
We also want to remind parents that as one way to ensure our current biosecurity measures are protecting all staff and students, CNG will be using the turnstiles at gate entrances to restrict access to campus to those for whom any of the following requirements are missing:

  1. Daily Wellness Self-Check Form (students) 
  2. Health Survey
  3. Consent Form (by Signio)
  4. A Negative PCR Test Result

If a student is denied access, we have a back-up system in place to double-check the four requirements and contact parents, if necessary, to allow the child to remain on campus. 

We wish you a wonderful week!

Make sure to bookmark the Parents As Partners HUB on your phone and laptop for easy access!



Dear CNG Community, 

We are living in a world that's becoming more and more polarized, and in our modern society there is a tendency to prioritize and focus on the individual above everything else. The sense of community living is going through a difficult time. Prejudice and intolerance are very often seen in the world and in our daily lives. This is why in the CNG community we give a lot of importance to celebrating diversity in its many different forms. Practicing respect is fundamental in order to see our differences as opportunities to learn from each other and grow as global citizens, and to help our students to become the future leaders of a more peaceful and respectful society. The practice of Mindfulness, which has been rapidly growing in CNG, and in the world around us, is a very useful tool to help us to pause, and reflect before we react with aggression and judgement towards our neighbor. 

The following are good examples of the connection between Mindfulness practice and respect.  

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support, and remember you can do this through our Counseling Hub.
Athletics & Condor Activities

CNG Athletics and Condor activities would like to thank you for your dedication to continuing social, emotional, and physical development. As we head into winter break and semester two we are reflecting, evaluating and evolving to keep our Condor programs running as strong as possible. 

  • Condor Activities Survey: If you haven't completed the Condor survey we sent the past week, please complete this survey. Your feedback is vital to make our classes better and the results will be used to determine what activities we will offer next semester, as well as improve the quality of our program delivery. 

  • Athletics practice will end on Friday, December 11