17 Cheap Ways to Celebrate
Valentine's Day at Home
Ah, the season of love. Most Valentine's Days, we cram as many romantic activities into the day as possible. Candlelit dinners. Couples' massages. Music and cocktails while out and about. But this year, things are different. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are spending Valentine's Day at home. And while that might sound boring, it's actually the perfect excuse to plan a special indoor date or family activity.

Whether you're celebrating with your special someone, your Valentines, or your entire fam, Juliana Labianca, with Good Housekeeping offers some planning assistance for the ultimate at-home Valentine's Day bash.

Her best tip is to make the day as over-the-top and festive as possible. Wear matching outfits. Recreate your first date. Surprise your S.O. with breakfast in bed. The more thought you put into the day, the better. And to top off this fun holiday, you can throw in a gift exchange. For example, you might want to pick up one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for her or the most romantic gifts for him.

1)    Make breakfast in bed.

2)    Make the holiday festive by wearing matching outfits.

3)    Make your home romantic with heart-themed decorations.

4)    Gather your favorite photos and make a photo book.

5)    Get creative and recreate your first date inside your home.

6)    Have fun with the little ones and take a Valentine’s Day themed virtual class.

7)    Try different types of charcuterie boards such as candy or desserts.

8)    Send a Valentine in the mail if you can’t be with them.

9)    Be crafty and creative by making a Valentine’s Day card.

10) Plan a game night, adding drinks and snacks to make it a full event.

11) Take a virtual mixology class.

12) Plan a romantic movie marathon for the day.

13) Buy or create a conversation-starter set of questions.

14) Write a romantic love letter.

15) Write letters of gratitude to important people in your life.

16) Prepare a unique and romantic dinner together.

17) Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate your love.

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