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April 22, 2020
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17 Ways to Stay Sober When You're Stuck at Home

With the spread of the Coronavirus, more and more public events are closing and, in some areas, we’ve been advised to stay away from crowded public places. Because we understand that sobriety has to come first, writers at The Temper have compiled some healthy ways you can stay connected and maintain your recovery if you are spending more time at home. 

National Recovery Town Hall
Join Faces and Voices of Recovery as they share strategies to support the needs of individuals in or seeking recovery during the current public health crisis. Speakers will provide insight into their own states and organizations. Participants are welcomed to ask questions and share their own solutions.
Thursday, April 30, 2020, 1:00-3:00pm MST

America is drinking its way through the coronavirus crisis
Right now a lot of us are uncertain about what to do, what to buy, and how to cope.
Grocery stores are selling out of food and toilet paper. Alcohol is also selling fast with many stocking up on beer, liquor, and wine during this pandemic. While it's been a boost for some businesses it's also a health concern for some. With most of us not going into the workplace or being able to see family and friends it's a stressful time and people are turning to a variety of coping strategies, one of them is alcohol.
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Connect to HOPE with a Coach

PSWD: 579914

ALL RECOVERY w Luke and Sparkle

(Community Reinforcement and Family Training)
Family Group w Peggy
Recovery Hero: Charlene Best
I am Charlene Best and I have been in sustained recovery since 10-17-2013. I am really proud to say that I am free and clear from owing money or having compliance requirements to El Paso County! I have learned how to live and parent drug and alcohol free. I am learning how to problem solve and celebrate with friends, family, colleagues and my husband without altering my state of mind, but by walking through the uncomfortableness with each other. Some might say it is relationship building. My low point was believing that my children were better off without me, even if that meant foster care because I had such low esteem. First and foremost in sustaining my own wellness and wellbeing, my experience gives me the opportunity to share my recovery in our community. As a Recovery Coach at SRC, I give back by sharing my testimony with others to lend a hand of emotional and psychological support through reflective listening and I offer assistance with navigating our community's wellness resources.

Thank you Charlene!
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