Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard (Woodland Wildlife Wednesday webinar series) - Free

April 21 - Online
Birds are some of our closest neighbors. They share our spaces, getting on with the business of life all around us. Their songs are part of the soundtrack of our world and watching them can bring us delight. During this program, we’ll take a peek into the lives of backyard birds and learn about things we can do to invite them into our yards and help them thrive. Presenter: Samantha Pitts, Volunteer Coordinator/Teacher Naturalist, Pickering Creek Audubon Center

Choosing Apples and Pears: What Home Gardeners Need to Know - Free

April 20 - Online
Have you ever noticed the wide range of apple and pear tree varieties in seed catalogs or a local greenhouse/nursery? If so, you might have been overwhelmed with the options! This course will walk you through important terms, provide tips on choosing trees, and help you plan for a successful harvest.