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Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally Update

February 9, 2024

Eighteen (18) Jackson Mississippi Leaders Join PHEN's Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally

Eighteen well-known Jackson, Mississippi leaders have stepped up to participate in the prostate cancer disparity rally that PHEN is hosting in Jackson. Each leader has recorded messages that will be used to raise prostate cancer knowledge and awareness via radio and social media throughout the month of February. The Rally will culminate with a hybrid (in-person and online audiences) Town Hall meeting on February 28th at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum where these leaders will also participate. (See PHEN's Jackson Disparity Rally announcement).

The Jackson Disparity Rally's radio campaign will be conducted on radio stations (WHLH, WJDX, WKXI, and WOAD) and the social media campaign will promote messages using Facebook across a 100-mile radius from Jackson. PHEN's Disparity Rally is a nationwide effort to address eliminating the prostate cancer racial disparity. The Rally began in 2021 and has been conducted in 13 states and 24 cities reaching more than 19 million people and mobilizing 500 participants.

PHEN's Director of Church Partnerships and Community Outreach Rev. Adrian Backus says, "We are indeed honored to have this great support of Jackson leaders in PHEN's efforts to educate and save lives from prostate cancer, a disease that discriminates against Black men. In working with these leaders, I see an excitement here that will continue prostate cancer awareness efforts well beyond this rally, which is one of our major goals."


The Town Hall meeting will feature a virtual tour of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum at the beginning of its program to commemorate Black History Month, including the significant struggles and contributions made in Mississippi to civil rights progress.

Town Hall Registration for Online Viewing


(in alpha order)

Mr. Stan Branson, Operations Manager & Program Director, Alpha Media USA

Rev. Dr. John Cameron, Sr., Senior Pastor, Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Bishop Kenneth Carter, Presiding Prelate of the 4th Episcopal CME District

Dr. Ronald Davis, Urology Specialist, Saint Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital

Mr. Lloyd Ellis, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Dr. Lionel B. Fraser, Chief Medical Officer, Central Mississippi Health Services

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