Summary of Action
The 188th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Michigan, meeting in Novi, Michigan on October 21/22, 2022, took the following action:
  • Received Emmaus, Walled Lake as a worshipping community of the diocese; acknowledged the ministry of the worshipping community, Mother of the Savior, Dearborn

  • Learned about opportunities for Legacy Giving through impact stories told via video presentations. Watch the videos by clicking the links below.

  1. Video: The Legacy of Lisette; St. James Chapel, Grosse Ile
  2. Video: Manna from Heaven; Story by The Rev. Chris Harris
  3. Video: Pat's Legacy, Trinity's Blessing: The Story of Pat Limbird

  • Adopted a 2023 Diocesan Operating Budget in the amount of $2,401,670; approved the formula for calculating the apportionment for congregational support of the 2024 diocesan operating budget – based on 10% of the three-year average of each congregation’s normal operating income as reported in the Parochial Report in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022

  • Participated in table group bible study during the Eucharist on Matthew 14:22-23

  • Adopted a canonical amendment ( to increase the number of years that the Chair of the Committee on Reference may serve.

  • Adopted a canonical amendment ( to change the number of members of a worshipping community necessary to petition for parish status to 20 baptized persons; 10 of whom are communicants in good standing from 10 separate households

  • Elected Sylvia Neal and the Rev. Thomas Ferguson to the Cathedral Chapter; the Rev. Katherine Beck-Ei to the Commission on Ministry; the Rev. Paul LeClair to the Disciplinary Board, the Rev. Andrea Martin to the Standing Committee; the Rev. Daniel Lawson as Trustee of the Diocese

  • Elected Lay and Clergy Deputies and Alternates to General Convention; (L1) Luke Thompson, (L2) Stephen Ott, (L3) Cedric Flounory, (L4) Brittany Estes, (LA1) Carol Latimer; (C1) the Rev. Phil Dinwiddie, (C2) The Rev. Judith Schellhammer, (C3) the Rev. Anthony Estes, (C4) the Rev. Gerardo Aponte-Safe, (C4), the Rev. Daniel Lawson (CA1)

  • Approved the date and location of the 189th Convention of the Diocese as October 20/21, 2023 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan

  • Had a great time playing the first ever Diocesan Convention Bingo and dancing the night away ( ...until 10 p.m.) at the First Annual Convention Dance Party!

The Rev. Dr. W. Richard Hamlin
Secretary of Convention
Questions regarding diocesan convention can be addressed to:
The Rev. Dr. W. Richard Hamlin,
Secretary of Convention: [email protected]
or Canon Jo Ann Hardy,
Canon to the Ordinary:
 [email protected] or 313-833-4422