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Enjoy the Holidays

Thank you to over 125 Canal neighbors and friends who attended our 18th Holiday Bridge Lighting Party. The VOC is pleased to again make this event our holiday gift to our Canal community.  It was a fine evening and a great opportunity for neighbors to visit with each other. The "Let's Be Frank" Hot Dog cart again had great food. Other food and drinks were provided by the VOC and the community.

The Bridge was designed by Catherine Holliss and built with the assistance of Corrine Chaix, Amy Gorton, Wyeth Holliss Sander, Whitney Sander, and Luke Cunningham.  Amy Gorton organized the Party with her crew of Susan Painter, Dana Millikin, Mike Sioss, and Alana Boelten.  Thank you to all.

The bridge is lit from 4:00 - 11:00 pm until January 1st!

Building the Bridge 
Catherine front, Corrine left, Amy right