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Multiple Magni´Čücation Loupes: 1987 to Today
B.J. Chang PhD

From 1987 to today, many designs for multiple magnification loupes have been available. Most have not survived.

Read this month's article for a few examples of that history and more information about SurgiTel's Multiple Magnification technique!

Note: Please share this article with anyone looking for multiple-magnification loupes. This information may be helpful!

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"Might it make sense to have a separate set of loupes in a 3.0x to 3.5x range that allows for a wider field of view but still affords you an appreciable level of magnification and accuracy? This concept might also be extended to doing multiple crown preps that will require parallelism in order to seat an appliance. And might the 3.0x-3.5x set function as a back-up to your higher magnification set? Yes! In a pinch, it can! "

Martin B. Goldstein, DMD, FAGD

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