The Leading EDGE Awards were instituted in 1998 to recognize companies in the Mohawk Valley who were leaders in their industrial sector and the regional economy.

This year we will pivot and host a week-long virtual celebration to honor those companies and organizations that have gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the economy running and make their communities a better place.

Half of the money raised during the actual campaign week will be donated to the United Way and Community Foundation’s Mohawk Valley COVID-19 Relief Fund the other half will be used by EDGE to carry on our mission to strengthen existing businesses, attract new industries and talent to the region, and build a vibrant environment for companies and their employees – despite the short-term uncertainty.

Your dollars are an investment in the business health of our region and are critical to restoring momentum.

Whether you live here, work here, or do both, you have a vested interest in seeing the Mohawk Valley region thrive.