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Travel with them 1852 style
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Stay safe. Stay distanced. Stay hopeful -- which is why I mention this is National Poetry Month. Poems speak to us in so many different ways. Look some up.

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On our Home Page, here is one Patrick and I did last week, an impromptu look at several new favorites.

We plan to do another one today before our virtual chat with Matthew Quirk. 

Kent and I took 15 minutes before our virtual event last Saturday about his own books to recommend books for you. I love his, selected because they are "hopeful". View it HERE
The April Booknews
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Here is the link to the first April Booknews

The entries, most of them, publish between now and April 17.

I will do a second one. Things are changing so rapidly it's easier for you and for us if I do more frequent Booknewses

Here is the link to a terrific  March Midmonth BookNotes which has plenty of new books as well

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Matthew Quirk
Tonight 6:00 PM

WEDNESDAY APRIL 1 6:00 PM Virtual Event
Matthew Quirk chats about Hour of the Assassin (Morrow $27.99)
Signed copies on their way to us from Quirk. Please preorder to secure yours

Former Secret Service agent Nick Averose is a "red teamer," testing the security around high officials and performing a covert intrusion as if he were an assassin to pinpoint any weaknesses. It can be a high risk gig since some random guard could view him as a real intruder and kill him. But when he slips past the security surrounding a former CIA director, it ends with Malcolm Widener perfectly fine if kind of quizzical about the test. And then real assassins show up. Nick's efforts to fend them off don't work; Widener is suddenly dead. And Nick has not only contaminated the crime scene and left his DNA around, but is in the frame as Widener's killer.

Nick is the absolute best at personal protection-let's see how he fares clearing himself as the victim of the perfect frame. You will lose some sleep with this one starting with its electrifying opener.
Don Winslow
with Patrick
Monday 5:00 PM

Get a preview of Don's wonderful book on our BLOG

Preorder your signed copy of  Broken: Six Short Novels  (Morrow $30) coming to us fresh from Don's hands

He  is adding an exclusive extra to copies from The Pen

Winslow writes he wanted to take a shot at six novellas in the spirit of Jim Harrison or Stephen King or, as one can see in the book, Elmore Leonard. They give him an ability to set one in New Orleans, three around San Diego with homage to Steve McQueen and to Chandler, one in Kauai, and one a neo-Western along the border. 

Winslow shows us a world of high-level thieves and low-life crooks, obsessed cops struggling with life on and off the job, private detectives, dope dealers, bounty hunters and fugitives, the lost souls driving without headlights through the dark night on the American criminal highway. Both Patrick and I admire these novellas.
Julia Spencer-Fleming
Tuesday 5:00 PM

TUESDAY APRIL 7 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Julia Spencer-Fleming chats with Jenn McKinlay about 
Hid from Our Eyes (St Martins $27.99)
A Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mystery

Signed copies. Please preorder to secure yours

  Karen reviews: Millers Kill is a small town with a lot going on. The recent murder of a young woman is reminiscent of one from 1952 and another in 1972. There is no identification for the victim, no obvious cause of death. The Police Chief, Russ Van Alstyne, was a suspect in the 1972 crime, as he was the one who found her body. 

The current crime, leaves few clues and, because of the time span, it seems impossible that all three crimes could be executed by the same person. Meanwhile, there are other issues. Van Alstyne is facing a citizen's committee which has determined that Millers Kill is too small to finance a police department and wants to turn it over to the State Police. 

At home, there is a new baby and wife, Clare, who has concerns of her own. She is a new Mom, trying to juggle her counseling duties along with her ministerial responsibilities and her battle to remain sober. Spencer-Fleming does a great job in creating a small town with flawed, but decent, characters.
Paige Shelton
Tuesday 6:00 PM
TUESDAY APRIL 7 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Paige Shelton chats with Jenn McKinlay about The Stolen Letter (St Martins $26.99)  Scottish Bookshop Series

Signed copies in stock now. 

Delaney Nichols is back in Edinburgh from her honeymoon, eager to return to her job at the Cracked Spine, "the most wonderful bookstore in the entire world." On the street, she literally bumps into a woman who looks a lot like herself-the same frizzy red hair and lots of freckles. By chance, the woman, who introduces herself as Mary Stewart, was on her way to the Cracked Spine. 

At the bookshop, Mary reveals that she's the reincarnation of Mary, Queen of Scots. Delaney and Mary soon become friends. Meanwhile, the Edinburgh City Council threatens to close the bookshop for code violations. Eventually, other people who believe they have past lives end up playing supporting roles in the main action: Delaney's investigation of the death of Mary's husband, a member of the council, in a car bombing. 

Vivid descriptions of Edinburgh enhance the well-crafted plot.
Dean Koontz
3:00 PM

WEDNESDAY APRIL 8 3:00 PM Virtual Event
Dean Koontz chats about Devoted (Thomas & Mercer $28.99)

Signed copies. Please preorder to secure yours. We have a limited supply due to the closure of the publisher's warehouse so don't delay

The thing to keep in mind about the imaginative and prolific Koontz is that he truly loves Golden Retrievers. His are family. So it's no surprise that Kipp, "a uniquely gifted dog with a heart as golden as his breed," is the protector, rather in the spirit of animal totems, to eleven-year-old Woody Bookman. 

And naturally in a Koontz novel this child, mute from birth, is under mysterious threat. His father died in freak accident. Woody believes some monstrous evil was behind dad's death and is threatening his mom, Megan, and Woody himself. And-he's right. A man has set a depraved plan into motion. Only a force for good like Kipp can stop it....
CS Harris
5:00 PM

WEDNESDAY APRIL 8 5:00 PM Virtual Event
CS Harris chats about Who Speaks for the Damned 
(Berkley $26)

Signed copies in stock now

In June 1814, as royalty from Austria, Russia, and the German states gather in London at the Prince Regent's invitation to celebrate Napoleon's defeat with a sumptuous round of parties, exhibits, and celebrations, the dissolute third son of the late Earl of Seaford is found fatally stabbed at a no longer fashionable London tea garden. 

Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is astonished to learn from Jules Calhoun, his valet, that the dead man is Nicholas Hayes, an old friend of Calhoun. Like most of Society, St. Cyr believed that Hayes had died a few years after he was convicted of murder and transported to Australia 18 years earlier in 1796. In fact, Calhoun reveals that Hayes, who managed to return to England by stealing a dead man's identity, got in touch with him and asked for his help. But for what? 

St. Cyr delves into the related questions of why Hayes took the step of coming to London at the risk of summary execution and who was responsible for his murder, which inevitably require probing the crime that led to Hayes's being sent to Australia-the killing of the wife of a French count. 

Figuring into the plot is St. Cyr's wife Hero and her powerful father and, in time, ties to the East India Company, by now an exemplar of capitalism run rampant. 

This is truly one of my favorite series, historically accurate and respectful, cannily plotted, fabulous characters, plus a cliff hanger at the end of every entry. But this one operates as a standalone so you can read it and then go back to book one
More of Our Reimagined April
Please check back from time to time
Please note that all the Facebook Live  events can be viewed at any time after the event and will appear on our YouTube channel the next day, giving you a choice where to watch them. Times are all Scottsdale, ie PDT

MONDAY APRIL 13 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Jack Carr chats about Savage Son (Atria $28)
The Terminal List #3 James Reece
Signed copies. The first 200 will also get a signed bookplate. Please preorder to secure yours  

TUESDAY APRIL 14 Virtual Book Launch 5:00 PM
Cara Black chats about Three Hours in Paris
(Soho $26.95)
Our April Crime Collectors Book of the Month
Signed copies. Please preorder to secure yours  

TUESDAY APRIL 14 6:00 PM Virtual Event
30th Book Party for Lucas Davenport
John Sandford chats about Masked Prey (Putnam $29)
Signed copies. Please preorder to secure yours
Eliot Pattison chats about  The King's Beast (Counterpoint $27)
Our April Historical Fiction Book of the Month
Signed Books. Please preorder to secure yours

SATURDAY APRIL 18 2:00 PM Virtual Event
DJ Palmer chats about The New Husband (St Martins $27.99)
Signed copies. Please preorder to secure yours

Eliot Pattison speaks about The King's Beast (Counterpoint $27)
Our April Historical Fiction Book of the Month
Signed Books. Please preorder to secure yours. Supply is very limited. We will do a random draw among the preorders for a giveaway of 5 paperbacks as a gift from the author

Marcia Clark speaks about Final Judgment (Thomas & Mercer $24.95/$15.95)
Samantha Brinkman
 The publisher's warehouse is closed. Please preorder and when we can we will secure signed copies from Marcia

Our April Books of the Month
One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Bruce, Camilla. You Let Me In

One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Schellman, Katharine. The Body in the Garden

One Signed First per month

One Signed First per month
Black, Cara. Three Hours in Paris

One Signed First per month
Pattison, Eliot. The King's Beast 

One Signed First per month
Ewen, Pamela Binnings. The Queen of Paris

Our April Paperbacks of the Month

Barclay, Linwood. Elevator Pitch
Barron, Laird. Black Mountain
Box, C J. The Bitterroots
Cavanagh, Steve. Thirteen
Hamilton, Glen Erik. Mercy River
McKinlay, Jenn. Pumpkin Spice Peril
O'Connor, Carlene. Murder in Galway
Robotham, Michael. The Secrets She Keeps
Singh, Nalini. A Madness of Sunshine

Bannalec, Jean. The Missing Corpse
Chung, Catherine. The Tenth Muse
Gentill, Sulari. After She Wrote Him
Hitchcock, Jane. Bluff
Kim, Angie. Miracle Creek
Laukkanen, Owen. Deception Cove
Miller, Madeline. Circe
Nieh, Daniel. Beijing Payback
Siger, Jeffrey. Island of Secrets

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