The Member Newsletter
September 2021
Can you say "personal banker?"
Gary Lowell has a lot to say about the personal service he gets from 1st Cooperative.

Gary, a security representative at Laurens Electric, has been a member for more than 20 years. Recently, he emailed 1st Cooperative COO Ashley Beach Reid to let her know how much he appreciates the staff.

"[Recently retired COO] Jo Ann Burnside was my first contact when I became a member," Gary said. "Whenever she answered the phone, I couldn't help but smile. Her friendly and gregarious attitude is immediately contagious, and her dedication to customer service unquestionable. She will be missed."

The praise didn't stop there. "[Loan Officer] John Middleton has been there for my daughter and me when we've needed auto loans. The most recent one was in February, and with all the COVID-related issues, he addressed my needs with patience and professionalism, and considering the difficulties with the mail, his patience was much appreciated," he said.

Gary said the person he's had the most interaction with is Member Service Representative Karen Keisler.

"Karen is the best! I sometimes need multiple ACH transfers in a month. Recently, she helped my wife and me keep our transfers and direct deposits straight during a transition from one local bank to another. She makes it all happen with a smile. Can you say 'personal banker'?"

Gary says he knows that most, if not all, members of 1st Cooperative probably feel the same way he does.

The credit union staff would love to hear what you have to say. You can drop them a note at any time by clicking here.
9 ways to banking simplicity
The preferences of a co-worker in the 1980s predicted the preferences of banking customers in the 2020s, according to 1st Cooperative FCU board member Lou Green.

"I used to work with a woman who loved to say, 'I want what I want when I want it,'" Green said. "That decades-old sentiment has never been more true in the 21st century."

The preference Green describes especially applies to financial services customers, and credit unions have found a way to combine that convenience with personal service.

1st Cooperative members get what they want through 24/7/365 availability of nine helpful forms on the credit union's website resources page. The handy forms allow members to begin the account opening process and make changes to their accounts even outside of normal banking hours.

"They must have been writing about me when they wrote about members' expectations on the 'Our Story' page of the credit union's website," said Green. The page states:

When it comes to financial services, we have high expectations. We want our banking easy and our bankers friendly. We want easy access to our money and knowledgeable help with using those funds wisely. When borrowing money, we want friendly service from a human being, not a robotic answering machine.
Valet at your fingertips
Card Valet
Wouldn't it be nice to get a notification each time your 1st Cooperative debit or HSA card was used? And, wouldn't it be great to be able to turn your card off and on to protect you from card thieves?

Yes and yes.

The great news is you get both features when you have a regular debit or health savings account debit card with 1st Cooperative. The even better news is it's all FREE with the Card Valet app. Learn how it works here. Don't have a debit or HSA card? Call 803-796-0234 to get yours today.