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Sarah Craig
Executive Director Caffe Lena
By listening to what the Caffe means to people, Sarah has driven an evolution of change and new offerings for the community. Through their TV streaming services, the Caffe supported musicians throughout the pandemic, created after school programs as well as the Caffe Lena School of Music. The legend of Lena Spencer, folk music & community roots is taken to the next level.
Todd DeGarmo
Folklife Center
Crandall Library
Todd is celebrating 30 years as the Founding Director of the Folklife Center, a hub for rediscovering the folk-art traditions in the region. Performing artists are recorded live and can be seen on their YouTube channel. In addition to music, art & photography exhibits, the Center is working on a mini-series celebrating the 200th year of the opening of the Champlain Canal and its historic route up the Hudson.
Scott Clark
The Saratoga YMCA pivots to meet the needs of the community. A new 15K sq. foot facility for the Saratoga Senior Center is underway with additional space above for the Y's expanded senior exercise and wellness programs. The 2nd floor addition also provides childcare & before/after school programs, summer camp and multigenerational interaction. The community unites on campus for the betterment of all.
Bill Moon
BBBS of the Southern Adks is a grassroots, independently owned organization that mentors, nurtures and gives kids the chance to understand their own voice and be heard. The Bigs have to earn credibility over time, so kids make it their decision to do things. Sharing experiences through their eyes creates bonds. "Kids deserve the best in us, so they become better than us".
Ray Agnew, VP
Hospital & Community Engagement
Glens Falls Hospital is expanding inpatient services to improve Behavioral Health and the Crisis Stabilztion Unit. Through the close relationship with WWMH and with the aid of ARPA funds and community donors, adults & adolescents will benefit greatly. Additional ARPA funds have been granted to cope with numerous inpatient COVID, flu and RSV cases.
Bill Collins
Glens Falls Mayor
Mayor Collins provides an overview of the state of the city. Although property values have risen, many home tax assessments have been lowered, the city has added to the Fund Balance and the population is slowly increasing. The mayor has delved into city departments to better understand their duties & needs. His vision is the start of the DRI and to support events that unite the community.

ARCC Lunch with Legislators

"Purchasing a
New Vehicle"

Buick GMC

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"Thanks so much for the opportunity, Antoinette! I've heard some great feedback and I appreciate all you do for us and the community!"
Chris Risteau, Director
Park Theater Foundation

"Hi Antoinette - Just passing along my thanks to you and Jesse for all that you're doing over there at Look TV."
Sarah Craig, Executive Director
Caffe Lena 

"I just had the most delightful interview with Jesse and I’m so grateful for the time. It was really lovely, and he made me feel super heard and seen. It meant a lot. Thank you so much for your continued support of AIM."
Bo Goliber, Chief of
Development & Communications

Loved the Sarah Craig interview! Great work on everything you’re doing!
Dona Federico
Founder, The Dona Frank Team

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“Awesome program Bob and his staff have. Recommend to all my brother and sister Veterans.” Charles, Facebook follower on Alliance 180 Interview

“Highly recommend this program.” Pam, Facebook follower

I’m glad to see an update of him from the alive day documentary!” Cole on Youtube Sgt. Eddie Ryan Interview

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“Kate Morse, talks enthusiastically and with passion about this gem in our own backyard.” Sara, Facebook Follower on Hudson Crossing Park

Interview “Deploying her magical talents, Sarah has more than “surpassed” any measurable benchmark in managing a local performing arts scene, and far beyond, and has done so, at least recently, in the most challenging market imaginable. Her leadership during/after C19 - dialing up w live stream, music school, weekly video updates, etc - will in time prove to be textbook teaching / learning for other organizations. Long live @Cafe Lena” Joseph on Youtube
Caffe Lena Interview

“We love Tannery Pond in North Creek, NY is a great destination for art lovers!” Hart Studio on Facebook Tannery Pond Interview

“Thank so much for taking the time to chat with The Park Theater Foundation's executive director, Chris Ristau, about the Foundation's mission, along with upcoming arts and education programming!” The Park Theater on Facebook
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