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Dr. Presiozo
Saratoga County Department of Public Health

Suicide and addiction rates have risen during the pandemic so Com- missioner Prezioso formed the Saratoga County Coalition for Suicide Prevention. In partnership with schools, advocates, family members and hospitals, they are able to obtain multiple insights and networks that identify the need and help the community through education and training.
Paul Tonko
NY Congressman
20th District

With the recent re-districting, Glens Falls is now in the 20th District in Congress. Representative Paul Tonko has a vision to strengthen the economy through energy innovation and commerce by providing jobs and promoting research in engineering & design. He uses a science-based approach to bipartisan legislation.
Jason McLaughlin
Executive Director
WAIT House

WAIT House address- es the multiple needs of youth in transition. Services include emergency shelter for youth 16-24, a two-year program with wrap around services for pregnant girls and mothers with young children & expansion of services for youth with mental health issues. The new Outreach Center assists with housing needs and human trafficking.
Matt Castelli
21st District

Matt Castelli has a long career of public service with a stead-fast commitment to put 'country before party'. He served in the CIA after 911, the National Security Council and counter terrorism, however, the events of January 6th compelled him to run for Congress. "To build a broad coalition, we need to listen and work together".
Andrew Cook
Hartford Central Schools
The Foundation Aid Formula legislates equal funding for schools throughout NYS. As Chair and ad-vocate, Mr. Cook en- dorses legislation to keep pace and plan for the future. Initiatives include funding for capital improvements, maintaing curriculum, increased salary allot- ments - programs that benefit the community.
Kristine Duffy

As SUNY ADK celebrates its 60th anniversary, Kristine Duffly discusses the important educational opportunities the school provides. The college offers hi flex courses to meet the complexities of student life as well as traditional degrees and non credit training for continuing education and life long learning.
Mangino Buick GMC
Gas Efficiency
Ice Castles
Ribbon Cutting
Fern Apfel
Kingsley Parker LGAP
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"TOBOR [Taxpaper Online Bill of Rights] Addresses Climate change" Stuart on Facebook Claudia Braymer Interview

"Look Media Resource Thanks for the interview! It was fun to talk about the climate initiatives going on at the county." Claudia Braymer on Facebook

"So, I have recently taken a break from Facebook and this man is one of the people I truly miss. Meditation was introduced to me through him and I miss hearing his live sessions." Ashley on Youtube Drew Cali Spiritual Medium Interview

"I know exactly how bullying feels. I’ve been bullied in my past. I’m on the autism spectrum and I have a physical handicap. I’ve been bullied for those things" Sienna on Youtube Bullying Interview

"Congratulations Jane! All your dedication was celebrated!" Christopher on Facebook Saratoga Bridges Interview
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9. Lake George Waterkeeper
10. QTBM 3 21

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"Very Well Said, Mike! Mental Health issues are real!" Meg on Youtube Saratoga Dept. of Mental Health Interview

"Our Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services spoke with the folks at Look Media Resource about the important topic of #suicideprevention and what his department is doing to increase awareness about suicide prevention and the services available to those in need. " Saratoga County NY Government on Facebook

"Jeff Flagg is a good guy & an asset to the city." Michael on Facebook Glens Falls Economic Development Director Interview

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