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Winter Quarter Newsletter ~ January - March 2019
Switchpoint helped me regain my self-worth and feel that
I am doing my part. I am a human being again. It’s a game changer
Aaron graduated from high school and had planned on joining the military. He was told instead, that because of his asthma, he would not be allowed to enlist. Dealing with the sudden change in his chosen path became a challenge. That summer was a turning point in his life.
He moved in with his high school friends who were playing football at college. Aaron decided he needed to be the life of the party and began drinking to fit in.  It was only a matter of time before the heavier drugs came out, Aaron recalls.
At that time, Aaron didn't realize he’d opened the door to a 20-year battle with addiction.
I was homeless, living on the streets the summer of 2014. My mom had just died. I walked up one night on the hill and I was done. I was going to jump off and end my life. I fully believed I was not worth anything. I felt I was insufficient, I felt like I wasn’t a good dad, I felt I wasn’t doing my part. That’s when the cops pulled up to check on me.
Thankfully, Aaron had an outstanding warrant and was arrested that night.
Unfortunately, I was used to incarceration. But there was something different that happened inside of me. I said, “I’m either done or I’m dead.” So right there, I decided to make a change.
Aaron believes Switchpoint saved him.
They gave me a place to stay, they gave me food to eat and they gave me transportation via a bus ticket. They gave me people who took the time to answer my questions when I didn’t know what to do next.

The process gave Aaron structure that he desperately craved so he could focus on laying a foundation to create a new life full of the independence that he now believed was possible.
Switchpoint helped me regain my self-worth and feel that I am doing my part. I am a human being again. It’s a game changer.
Aaron now works with a local company helping others overcome addiction. He is attending Dixie State University and is a drug court mentor. Aaron is a proud father and says he will always continue to support Switchpoint.
You may view Aaron’s story here .
Staff Highlight - Meet Sherri
We are very pleased to announce Sherri Dominguez as our new Case Manager Supervisor.
Sherri graduated with her Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Utah in 2016. She went on to complete an advanced standing Masters in Social Work from Walden University in 2017. 
Sherri was always interested in the medical field. But she also wanted to avoid the drudgery of a career that would have her doing the same thing day-in and day-out. She decided to go where she felt she could do the most good - social work.  
Switchpoint really chose me, Sherri states . While interning, I had the option to choose anywhere in the county to complete my hours. When they asked if I wanted to intern at Switchpoint, I leapt at the chance! I knew it would provide me with experience in mental health, drug addiction, and counseling. It would be a different experience everyday- and that is what I wanted.
I love the Switchpoint motto: It Takes All of Us, because it is so true. It really does take everyone in the community working together to bring about change and to help lift one another.
Bed n' Biscuits
Dog of the Month
Here's RUPERT!

Rupert has been coming to Bed ’n’ Biscuits since day one.

This adorable little guy is so playful and full of life! He knows exactly where to go the second he walks through our doors. He loves to play with other dogs, regardless of their size. 
Despite all the fun he has with his four-legged friends, he  always makes time for some cuddles. He loves to give kisses almost as much as he loves belly rubs!    

Rupert definitely keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t trade him for anything. We think his owner is pretty special, too!

Bed ‘n’ Biscuits Dog of the Month!

For more information on our dog daycare or to schedule an appointment for grooming, please call us at 435-429-4122.
Letter from Executive Director, Carol Hollowell
We are excited to announce the groundbreaking of our affordable housing project – RiverWalk – coming soon! With this announcement comes the culmination of three long years of coordination, planning and community cooperation.
We are personally inviting everyone who would like to come and celebrate with us. You will receive an invitation when we have a firm date. The groundbreaking ceremony will be held on the future site of the RiverWalk property located behind the new Smith’s at the bottom of Mall Drive. 

You may realize that most of the clients we serve have income, yet they can’t afford to rent in Washington County due to less than 1% rental vacancy rate and skyrocketing housing prices. We need your continued help as we begin construction on our 55-unit affordable apartment complex this spring!

I encourage you to share our mission with your friends, family and neighbors. We need volunteers and donors to move the needle on breaking the cycle of poverty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Carol Hollowell
Lowe’s Grant Gives $60K for Switchpoint Playground
What was once a barren dirt lot in the back of Switchpoint Community Resource Center has been transformed into a place of smiles and laughter due in part to a grant and generous donations from local businesses.

We have families here. We want them to feel stable and secure, Development Director Linda Stay said. It’s not normal to live in a shelter. We want them to feel like this is their backyard. Children need a place to play and something that feels like home. It’s really vital for the psychological aspect of it, to help ease the harshness that they’re facing.

Volunteers - the Heart of Switchpoint 
Rick & Susan - Always there for us!
Rick and Susan Simms retired to St George from the Salt Lake City area. They wanted to go as far south as they could to get out of the snow.
It didn’t take Susan long before she was out in her new community helping others. 

A neighbor told her about Switchpoint and invited her to attend a tour at the facility. Susan started working at the food pantry with her neighbor and enjoyed the community of volunteers that she discovered.  She soon recruited her husband Rick, who joined the team shortly thereafter.  
The Simms tell everyone they know about the food pantry.  The people are so nice at the pantry and all the volunteers are happy and eager to help their neighbors in the community, said Susan.  We feel very proud to serve at Switchpoint and love what they are doing to help people who are vulnerable and struggling.

Providing a Hand-Up for Families 
Our Thrift Store has been in operation since May of 2016. Since then, more and more customers continue to return to the store and share their success stories with manager, LuAnn Reiche.

A young family came into the thrift store with a voucher from our Circles program coordinator , stated Reiche.  She was in need of clothing items for the family since none of the clothes they currently had were warm enough for the frigidly cold weather we’ve been experiencing.
It seems that the children were also struggling because they had many items of clothing that were too small or extremely worn. They had been teased at school because of something they really had no control over , Reiche said.
A couple of months later, this mom came back to the store to share her experience with the staff. She told them that her involvement in the Circles program has helped her and her family significantly. She was able to find a better place to live and gained the confidence to seek out a better job. 
She shared how excited she was because she was able to obtain new items for her children and husband. Her children had always worn hand-me-downs from other cousins and siblings. They were each able to get jackets, socks, underwear and several new outfits as well as a few toys for the younger children.

The mother also explained that the items that we helped her get for her children enabled them to go to school and not be teased or embarrassed by what they wore. She was very happy that no one knew their clothing had been obtained from a thrift store.
Little things have such an impact on the way you are received by others , Reiche stated.  We are truly grateful and pleased for the opportunity to bring happiness into the lives of others in the community and to be part of a great organization. Customers like these are what makes our volunteers continue to come and support Switchpoint Thrift Store.
 Planned Legacy Gifts transform the work of
Switchpoint for generations to come
By remembering Switchpoint in your will or estate plans, you help  ensure that we can provide empowerment vs entitlement for future generations of families who are experiencing homelessness.
Benefits for you now: 
  • Donors age 70 1/2 and over can take the  Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their IRA up to $100,000 and can make a gift directly to a qualified organization.  
  • The contribution is NOT subject to Federal taxes
  • The sum of contributions is NOT included with Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
  • May help avoid higher Medicare premiums due to higher AGI
  • May limit taxability of your social security benefits 

Visit our website for more information on Planned Giving options or contact Linda Stay at 435.628.9310 ext. 203 or via email at [email protected] 
With gratitude we recognize our donors for leading the way
taking up the cause - addressing the complex issues of homelessness. 
We invite you to join us for our Vision tours held each Friday at noon or
call Linda - 435-628-9310 ext 203 to schedule a time for your group.

If you would like a paper copy of this newsletter, please request that by emailing [email protected] or call 435-628-9301 ext. 201