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October, 2019 Newsletter
A Kardashian Takes "Vampire" (PRP) Hair Loss Treatments Mainstream 
Kourtney Kardashian Admits What I Suspected: "Its a Hole in My Head"
from the Sept. 12, 2019 Newbeauty.com article

Many of us have differing opinions on all things "Kardashian," but one thing we can probably agree on is that we love their candidness about beauty problems and beauty treatments. And in the Season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday night, we got a major dose of just that. 

As  Kim was casually chatting with Kourtney, she spotted a bald patch on the top of Kourtney's head and immediately freaked out. "Kourtney, you have a really big spot on the top of your head," Oh my god, I'm afraid for your life. Have you seen that?" Kourtney responded, "No, but I feel it," and attributed it to the sky-high  ponytail she had worn at a recent gala. "It's a hole in my head. I swear it's from my ponytail-it was so tight that I had a bump on my head like this [she used her hand to demonstrate a big bump]."

To fill in the bald area, Kourtney opted for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections ,also known as the Vampire hair treatment, which is becoming an increasingly popular  nonsurgical treatment  for thinning hair and hair loss. 
Brad Pitt vampire
Brad Pitt in the movie "Interview With a Vampire"

"Today I'm getting PRP, which is where they take your blood and spin it and they use your plasma and they inject it in my head for my hair to grow back," she said on the show at a visit to her doctor, who assured her it could take a while for the hair to grow back.

From Dr. Elliott
PRP scalp treatments can be done using either microneedling or injections to deliver it into the hair follicles.

The Microneedling treatment alone stimulates the production of collagen, the loss of which is one of the contributing factors to hair thinning. When PRP is painted over the freshly needled area, it travels down to the follicles through the thousands of tiny holes made by the needling, and stimulates the rejuvenation of the thinning hair follicles.

brows before after
Since the brows are such a small area, we treat them with tiny PRP injections. 

To maximize results, we add liquid biotin to nourish the hair follicles and sometimes liquid progesterone to reduce hormonal hair loss.

Hate needles?
Blood is only drawn at the first treatment and the prepared PRP can be frozen to be used for the following 2 sessions.

The results of PRP hair loss treatments vary among individuals but in general, after a series of 3 treatments, about 30% of patients will see improvement in hair thickness, 30% won't see improvement but won't see further hair loss, and about 30% won't see any difference. Areas with no visible hair aren't improved by PRP treatments unless they're due to an autoimmune condition. 

The prices for a series of 3 PRP scalp treatments is $1,260 & $955 for brows.

Introductory Special: Save 15% on the purchase of a series of PRP  hair treatments through Oct. 31, 2019

Predicted Headline for 2020:
"Kardashians bring body hair back!"

Our First Results From The New Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment 
Gale tightens her own eyes 
by licensed aesthetician, Gale Pingleton
From the photos above, you can understand why I'm so excited about our new Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment (also called Plasma Fibroblasting), that  tightens and resurfaces precise areas of the skin with minimal downtime. With its tiny tip, 
it can even get up under the lashes.

How it works:
Plasma pen
The device uses the voltage in the air and the natural gasses emitted from our skin to form a plasma charge between them. With each shot, a small electrical arc is created between the plasma device tip and the skin. These tiny micro-injuries activate the underlying fibroblasts, which are the cells that produce new collagen and elastin, for up to two years following the treatment. 

The Plasma Pen is the only plasma device that reduces the volume of excess skin and helps smooth deeper lines and texture. Compared to laser resurfacing, the fibroblasting plasma treatment is more affordable, more comfortable, has less downtime and less risk of adverse reactions. It's tiny tip can also get into nooks and crannies better than a bulky laser.

Common Areas Where Plasma Pen Treatments Are Used: 
  • Crow's feet around the eyes along with lines on the eyelids
  • Smoker's lines - vertical wrinkles above & below the lips, also known as lipstick lines
  • Accordion lines - the lines that form outside of the mouth corners when you smile
  • Acne scars - improvement in the appearance of post-acne marks and scars
  • Forehead lines
  • Marionette lines - The creases or folds that run vertically from the corners of the mouth down to the chin
  • Necklace lines across the neck
  • Upper and lower eyelids - Bags and hoods
  • Anywhere on the body for spots & fine lines
Advantages of having your Plasma Skin Tightening at Skinspirations 
Because Skinspirations is a physician practice and not a medspa, we have access to prescription anesthetics to provide our patients treatments with the least discomfort possible. 

And, not to brag, all of our estheticians have been with us for at least 6 years and have had advanced training in all of the treatments they provide.   Like most medical cosmetic procedures, this is not a treatment you should buy on Groupon. Only trust your face to a professional.

Louise Walsh International: Plasma Pen Fibroblasting Treatment
Demonstration of the Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

The price of the Plasma Skin Tightening treatment ranges from $400 to $1,500 depending on the size of the area treated. If you have any questions about the new treatment or any skincare questions, feel free to email me any time at esthetician@skinspirations.com.

Introductory Offer: Save 15% on a Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment Through Oct. 31, 2019.

New 3-in-1 Product
New Product! Obagi Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask

Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish & Mask exfoliates and primes skin for absorption of Vitamin C, delivering instant and lasting results with continued use. 
  • Ultra-fine resurfacing crystals transform skin from tough & dull to smooth & radiant
  • Rich emolliants & skin conditioning botanical oils minimize dryness & maximize glow
  • Advanced dual-phase action leaves skin feeling softer & smoother for days. 
  • Contains 30% L-ascorbic acid - more than any other product
It's like getting 3 products in 1

Rhonda oscar party
" If I add one more product to my nightly skincare routine, I'll have to start during happy hour" said our friend & Oscar Party hostess, Rhonda Wilkins

Now available at Skinspirations 
2.8 oz  $69

Refer Us To Your Friends & You'll Both Receive Your Choice of Either a Customized Facial or a $100 Skinspirations Gift Card When They Have Their 1st Treatment 


We'd love to have more clients just like you (we must like you or we wouldn't be sending you our newsletters). We promise to take good care of them!

Results From Our Own Probiotic Skin Solution Formula 

Skinbucha before after
skinbucha potion
I've concocted an anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and moisturizing probiotic solution for the skin, named Skinbucha, made from a combination of fermented organic green and black teas, and water kefir grains.

Skinbucha is rich in healthy sk in bacteria that prevent the
good vs bad bacteria
 overgrowth of damaging ba cteria, and produce multiple skin-friendly acids like lactic, glycolic, and acetic aci d, which together possess strong anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties.  

Skinbucha seems to decrease redness and irritation, while exfoliating and providing oil-free moisture to the skin. This makes it a good treatment for other skin problems associated with inflammation, such as rosacea, melasma, poikiloderma and acne. Apply it with a cotton ball or pad after cleansing. Skinbucha is also an excellent hair rinse that removes product residue & adds shine.

Don't take our word for it. Pick up your own free sample of Skinbucha when you're in the office & see how it works on your skin.

We warn users that Skinbucha has a stronger vinegar smell than the Kombucha beverage, because it's fermented longer, but the smell disappears when it dries. 

The mic roorganisms in Skinbucha also produce some solid material after several weeks that appears as strands in the s olution or a gel on the top. This material is not only harmless, it's recently being commercially harvested for other medical uses or used as a facial mask.

Join Us In Welcoming Our Marvelous New Medical Assistants

We're very lucky to have found 2 remarkable Medical Assistants (MA) and can't wait to introduce you to them in person.

Lisa MA
Lisa Santone, MA
Lisa Santone is our full-time MA and her accent  tells you immediately that she's a recent transplant from New York. She's been a Medical assistant & phlebotomist for over 15 years and graduated from St. Francis College in 2001 with a degree in liberal arts. Lisa likes tackling challenges and works well under pressure, which shows by how quickly she's become an expert patient photographer. 
In her free time, she loves long days at the beach and visiting with family & friends. As soon as she's settled in a new home, she'll probably adopt a pet because of course she's an animal lover.

Marisa MA
Marisa Acerra, MA

Marisa Acerra is our Saturday MA and works Monday through Friday in a busy gynecology practice. She obtained a degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Tampa and has been an MA & phlebotomist for over 11 years. Like Lisa, Marisa stays calm under pressure and has a warm &  friendly personality.  Another animal fan, she has a blonde, teacup chihuahua named Shiloh.

Skinspirations' Selected Videos 

Demonstration of Absorbable Threads To Define Lips & Lift Mouth Corners
Demonstration of Absorbable Threads To Define Lips & Lift Mouth Corners

Demonstration of Threads to Tighten Jawline
Demonstration of Threads to Tighten Jawline

Skinspirations' Skinpen Microneedling Of The Neck
Skinspirations' Skinpen Microneedling Of The Neck

Plasma Pen | Louise Walsh International | Before & Afters | How We Get These Results
Plasma Pen | Louise Walsh International | Before & Afters | How We Get These Results

An IPL Photofacial Treatment of the Face, Neck & Chest at Skinspirations in Clearwater, Florida
An IPL Photofacial Treatment of the Face, Neck & Chest at Skinspirations in Clearwater, Florida

Michael Myers in Sept. vs October (Halloween Parody)
How Life Changes For Michael Myers in October (Halloween Parody)

October Client Appreciation Specials

corpse bride applauds

Save 15% on Plasma Skin Tightening (see article above)

Introductory Jeuveau (#newtox) Special: $75 instant rebate  (only a few left)  OR pay only $10 per unit  when done by  Kate Dellangello, ARNP Corinn Singletary, PA-C , or   Dr. Stacy Chase

Save 15% on a package of 2 Laser Nail Fungus treatments & get a free bottle of fungus-fighting daniPro nail polish (value $17)

Erase the signs of summer with Photodynamic therapy, which removes spots, sun damage & precancerous areas on your face, and improves texture & skin quality. Get a free full-size Revisions Intellishade SPF (value $75 - $92) to maintain your results when you have the treatment.

Save 15% on a series of PRP Hair treatments (either microneedling or injections)

Have a full-face Profractional laser treatment & help maintain your treatment results with your choice of a free prescription strength  Obagi Tretinoin (value: $91- $102) 
Get a ful l-size Nec tifirm hydrating & firming neck cream (value $92) when you have either a Thread treatment or Profractional laser treatment on the neck or chest.

Introductory Jeuveau (#newtox) Special: $75 instant rebate (only a few left) OR pay only $10 per unit when done by Kate Dellangello, ARNP, Corinn Singletary, PA-C, or Dr. Stacy Chase

$125 Skincare Special:  A Glycolic Chemical Peel to remove dull, dead skin from the face, neck & chest (value $145)

Have a Nanofat regenerative treatment and add PRP for free (value $375).

Receive a complimentary collagen-building vitamin C booster for added collagen stimulation in your next Sculptra treatment.

Get a $20 treatment certificate when you sign up for the Aspire rewards program. Join Aspire here.

Monthly client appreciation specials are available only during the month/s published (unless otherwise stated), quantities are limited,  and there are no rain checks or substitutions permitted. Monthly specials are not valid together with any other promotions or discounts. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone who disparages our staff or practice on social media.

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