2-1-1 2-1-1 Monthly Report for June 2018
Noteworthy Updates
During the month of June, 5,546 calls were handled by 2-1-1 Resource Specialists and 8,301 health, housing and human service referrals were provided. Of the unduplicated callers,  72% are female,  25% are single mothers with minor children, and  60% reported they are living with disabilities. (These statistics exclude callers who opted to not provide demographic information during intake.)  For additional 2-1-1 stats for the month of June, go  here. For 2-1-1 stats for the current fiscal year-to-date, go here.
June brings fiscal year 2017-18 to a close. Highlights from the year include: 2-1-1 handled 60,911 calls and provided 92,399 referrals to critical health, housing, and human services resources; Eden I&R’s phone line staff handled 12,527 after-hours calls for Alameda County’s Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Foster Care Placement, and Public Guardian; Eden I&R’s websites, including our online health and human services resource directory, received 287,408 pageviews from 65,586 sessions/visitors; 3,695 units of housing were added to Eden I&R’s Housing Database and the 3,110 programs in Eden I&R’s Health and Human Services Database were regularly updated, together providing the public with the most comprehensive resource databases available in Alameda County; and our staff and volunteers participated in 103 community events and fairs and distributed over 56,580 pieces of outreach material throughout Alameda County. Additional updates and accomplishments from FY 17-18 will be highlighted in the agency’s annual report, which will be published later this summer.
Call Examples
A single mother with cancer called from Oakland seeking emergency resources to help pay her rent and utility bills. Her SDI benefits had been discontinued, and her only current source of income was CalFresh.  Because of this decrease in income, she was no longer able to pay her rent, which was subsidized through a Section 8 voucher, or her PG&E bill. She also had minor children in the home to take care of.  2-1-1 advocated on her behalf and called PG&E to make payment arrangements. In addition, 2-1-1 provided her information for the Emergency Financial Assistance Programs through both Season of Sharing and St. Vincent De Paul.     

For additional 2-1-1 call examples handled in June, go   here. 
Caller Feedback
“I want to say your resource providers are very helpful, and not impatient, that’s good! I require a lot of patience, so thank you for that. I got good information.”

1 agency and 6 programs were added to the Services Database for a total of 1,218 agencies and 3,110 programs.  Regular updates were made to agencies, programs and sites in the Services Database. All Summer Lunch Programs were updated.

Several meetings were held with various partners to discuss the creation of new pocket guides serving different populations throughout the county. These customized directories will assist people without access to a phone or computer on the spot with information on select resources. 
589  new units were added to the housing database for a total of 89,427  housing units.  We have 289 open waiting lists this month after reviewing and updating 2,182 records. 
In June, Eden I&R's websites received 30,441 page views and
6,355 sessions/visitors. 

In June, staff participated in 23 meetings, phone calls, and webinars with current and potential partners. Meeting highlights included the Executive Director participating in a day-long workshop hosted by the California Public Utilities Commission and 2-1-1 CA to discuss 2-1-1 i mplementation in the remaining 2% of the state with no current access to a 2-1-1 system .
Fairs / Events / Outreach

In June, Eden I&R served 1,122 people at training, events, and fairs and distributed 6,257 pieces of outreach materials to service providers and residents of Alameda County.
2-1-1 staff hosted a booth and distributed outreach materials to participants at the following:

  • City of Livermore Health & Safety Fair
  • Samuel Merritt College: 31st Annual East Bay HIV update in Oakland
  • Safe Kids Day at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Alameda County Social Services Agency Re-entry Job Fair in Oakland
  • PBC Community Block Party in Oakland
  • New Hope Church Neighborhood Association New Hope COGIC Health Fair in Oakland
  • La Familia Tennyson All America Festival in Hayward
  • Alameda County Social Services Agency Re-Entry Career, Social Service and Resource Fair in Oakland

Outreach materials were distributed by request to 1st Presbyterian Church in Oakland; Oakland Housing Authority; a psychologist in Hayward; and Highland Baptist Church in Hayward. 
Eden I&R sharing information at the New Hope COGIC Health Fair in Oakland
Safe Kids Day, at the Oakland Coliseum, attended by 2-1-1
  Eden I&R tabling at the City of
 Livermore  Health & Safety Fair
Disaster Preparedness

On June 12, the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator represented Eden I&R at the Full Activation of the City of Oakland EOC (Emergency Operations Center) for the Oakland Warriors victory parade. Besides playing an important role in the City of Oakland EOC, he relayed information about street closures, parade routes, location of medical tents, location for lost children, and other important details to 2-1-1's Phone Line Resource Specialists using Eden I&R’s cloud-based databse.

Additionally, this month the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator conducted a training on SKIP (Safety Kept In Place) Kits & Preparedness for Seniors at J.L Richard Terrace / Irene Cooper Terrace Senior Housing in Oakland.
Staff In-Service & Training
In-service presentations were provided to staff on the topics of:
Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA)
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash
New network designs and infrastructure upgrades continued throughout Eden I&R’s offices. The installation of new cabling has been completed and all computers are connected to it. As the agency prepares for an upgrade to VOIP phone infrastructure, the replacement of outdated networking equipment continues. In the coming months, when the phone migration is complete, voice traffic will also be routed across the new network cabling. A backup internet path to the 2-1-1 call center has been installed to minimize the impact of future internet service outages. 

Additionally , new resource options for homeless veterans were rolled into 2-1-1’s screening process for the Coordinated Entry System.