2-1-1 Monthly Report for September 2018
Noteworthy Updates
During the month of September, 4,328 calls were handled by 2-1-1 Resource Specialists and 6,321 health, housing and human service referrals were provided. Of the unduplicated callers, 71% are female, 26% are single mothers with minor children, and 57% reported they are living with disabilities. (These statistics exclude callers who opted to not provide demographic information during intake.)

For additional 2-1-1 stats for the month of September, go   here . For 2-1-1 stats for the current fiscal year-to-date, go here.
(Left to Right) Alison Kastama of EBMUD,
Sharene Gonzales of Alameda County Water District, Lars Eric Holm of Eden I&R, Alison DeJung of Eden I&R, Natalie Tercero of Eden I&R, Tya Modeste of Alameda County Sheriff's Office, and Sylvia Soublet of Alameda County Social Services at the EOC in Dublin
On September 6 Eden I&R participated in an annual, region-wide disaster preparedness exercise designed to engage all levels of Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) to promote collaboration and coordination between jurisdictions and agencies as will be necessary in a catastrophic incident with regional impacts. The focus was mass care and shelter, with the scenario being a major earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

This exercised Eden l&R's Public Information Officer (PIO) role in the Joint Information Center (JIC), located in the Alameda County EOC in Dublin, and how this functions as a part of the regional Joint Information System (JIS), a network of PIO's located across 16 counties. The event involved more than 3,000 participants across the Bay Area, with cities in over 10 counties standing up 21 full-scale shelters. While three staff were in the field during this exercise, test calls to 2-1-1 were staged, practicing information flow both to and from the public.

Additionally, in September 2-1-1 Alameda County handled overflow calls for our sister 2-1-1 in North Carolina to assist those impacted by Hurricane Florence. We were happy to lend a hand during that emergency, and are proud of our membership in the 2-1-1 CA network that includes this type of reciprocal assistance during and after disasters.

We were honored to be featured in September's network-wide 2-1-1 newsletter. Click here to read the article by United Way Worldwide highlighting our important role in disaster preparedness and response.
Call Examples
A single woman called from Union City seeking residential substance abuse programs. She was staying at a friend’s house but felt it was time to get professional help with her problems. 2-1-1 referred the caller to CURA, a substance abuse treatment facility for adults; Full Gospel Ministries’ Residential Rehabilitation center, that provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for both men and women for up to 12 months; Cronin House, a 60 to 90-day residential recovery program; Wistar R &R, an 18-month residential treatment program for single women; and Cherry Hill detox program. 

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Caller Feedback
"After calling 2-1-1 my relationship with my daughter opened up, I got a therapist, and a shelter bed, a case manager and now have a job. I am now calling 2-1-1 to begin my next steps now that I have earned income. 
Calling 2-1-1 was one of the best things I ever did for myself."

2 agencies and 2 programs were added to the Services Database for a total of 1,214 agencies and 3,108 programs.  Regular updates were made to agencies and programs in the Services Database.  
478   new units were added to the housing database in September for a total of 75,550   housing units. Our housing department also provided a training on affordable housing and an introduction to using our AC Housing CHOICES website for the Computer Technologies Program (CTP) at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley.
Eden I&R's health and human services data is provided free through the agency's publicly accessible websites at www.edenir.org and  www.211alamedacounty.org , and www.achousingchoices.org .

In September, Eden I&R's websites received 34,692 page views and 6,602 sessions/visitors. 
Meetings & Trainings

In September, staff participated in 23 meetings, phone calls, and webinars with current and potential partners. Highlights included providing four trainings for Dublin Police on 2-1-1 and the resources available to our community. Trainings were led by Executive Director Alison DeJung, Deputy Director Natalie Tercero, Director of Information Technology Rick Otto, and Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Lars Eric Holm.
Executive Director Alison DeJung with Dublin Police
Fairs / Events / Outreach

In September, Eden I&R served 4,895 people at training, events, and fairs and distributed 11,437 pieces of outreach materials to service providers and residents of Alameda County.
Kaiser Permanente Emergency Preparedness Fair in Pleasanton
2-1-1 at the Alameda County Community Preparedness Fair
Eden I&R sharing information at the Annual Shoe Giveaway in Oakland
2-1-1 staff hosted a booth and provided resource referrals to participants at the following:
  • Alameda County Community Preparedness Fair in Castro Valley
  • Kaiser Permanente Emergency Preparedness Fair in Oakland
  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Re-Entry Expo at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin
  • Kaiser Permanente Emergency Preparedness Fair in Pleasanton
  • Oracle Annual Back-to-School Shoe Giveaway in Oakland
Outreach materials were distributed by request to the San Lorenzo Unified School District
for their Parent University, Lifelong Medical Care EO in Oakland, Fremont Family Resource Center, and IC Helping Hands in Oakland.

Disaster Preparedness Trainings

In September, the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator conducted four trainings on SKIP (Safety Kept in Place) for the community. Two took place during the Alameda County Community Preparedness Fair in Castro Valley, one was held for the International Rescue Committee in Oakland, and one was conducted for Orientation Center for the Blind in Albany.

Eden I&R provides a full range of disaster preparedness training classes. All trainings are interactive and fully customizable. Contact Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, Lars Eric Holm, at 510-727-9516 or leholm@edenir.org to schedule your training today!
Staff In-Service & Training
In-service presentations were provided to staff on the topics of:
Alameda County
Public Health Nursing
Alliance of Information & Referral Systems (AIRS) Certification Training
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Eden I&R staff have enjoyed working with our newest IT volunteer intern from the Computer Technologies Program in Berkeley. Over the past four years Eden I&R has been fortunate to have worked with four different volunteer interns from this program.
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