February 18, 2021
St. John ECC Closed until Further Notice
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In an attempt to help our families and our staff during the time the school is closed, we're providing you with a list of names and phone numbers of staff members who are interested in babysitting. Please be advised that if one of our staff members comes to an agreement with you on a babysitting job, they are acting independently during this time, and not as St. John ECC employees. (Click on the picture above for the list of names.) Thank you.
Bible Stories for the Week of 2/15/21:


Jesus Blesses the Children

Mark 10:13-16
Wonder Questions: I wonder how the children felt when Jesus welcomed them and held them? Do you know Jesus loves you just as much?

Summer 2021 and Fall 2021-2022 Registrations are
St. John ECC will be open again for business ASAP!
Phone lines at the school will be down during the building repairs. The school administration will temporarily move their offices to the church office building. Please use the following numbers to contact us, or to register for the Summer or Fall Semesters:

St. John Church Office:
(281) 373-0503

Tiffany Bunker:
(281) 728-0259

Thank you.
COVID Screening Policy Change
Current Countries/Areas with Travel Restrictions:

United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil,
South Africa
The health and safety of our families and staff are of utmost importance to us and we continue to look for ways to improve our existing policies in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. With the high rise in COVID cases in Harris and surrounding counties, we are changing our screening procedures.

Each day for the remainder of the school year, you will be required to submit a written screening form for your child(ren) to be admitted into the school. We will send home forms to be used the following week in your child's backpack starting 1/28/21. Please fill out the form, date, and sign it each morning your child attends school. You will turn it in to one of the staff responsible for taking temperatures and entering ProCare codes.

We will continue to be as transparent as possible on positive cases in our school. Thank you for your support and understanding while we close classrooms to further reduce the chance of spreading this virus.

As a reminder,
  1. Anyone in your household is ill or running a temperature.
  2. Anyone in your household has been in close contact with a COVID patient.
  3. Anyone in your household or a close contact is being tested for COVID.
If a child is in our care with symptoms, it may be necessary to close the classroom until test results can be obtained. Positive results will require a quarantine period for all children and staff associated with that classroom.

Following these precautions helps us keep our classrooms open. Thank you!

St. John ECC applied for and recently received rapid COVID tests to be used for our staff and for the children enrolled in our program. If your child has a need to be tested, please call Letty Wilson at the school, or email Letty at lwilson@stjohn.tv, to make arrangements to bring your child to the school so she can administer the test. (Remember, they should not be in attendance if they need to be tested.)
last update: January 27, 2021
(Stayed Tuned for Events as the School Reopens...)

St. John & Cypress Chapel Events:

Please check our websites - www.stjohn.tv & www.cypresschapel.tv - for updates on services/events. 

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Financial: Donna Peartree

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Stay 'N' Play / Emergency Management / Summer School:
Letty Wilson, Associate Director

School Policies / Concerns:
Tiffany Bunker, Director

15237 Huffmeister Rd, Cypress, TX 77429
Director: Tiffany Bunker
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