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Students Bring Expect Respect into Community 
All of CCSD93's elementary and middle schools employ Expect Respect, the expectation that individuals treat one another respectfully at all times as part of PBIS. It's supported by a series of strategies that students are taught to use to advocate for themselves and classmates if they encounter or witness disrespectful behaviors from peers, or if they exhibit disrespectful behaviors themselves.

For Expect Respect to be most effective, its strategies need to be known throughout the community beyond CCSD93, so that students hold expectations for respect in all spaces. To help spread the word of Expect Respect, CCSD93 has compiled an Expect Respect Student Leadership Team, which meets regularly and is comprised of student leaders from every school who applied to join the Team.

Together the members of the Team have brainstormed methods to trumpet Expect Respect. They've developed posters describing Expect Respect strategies and have taken them to community locations, working with businesses and organizations to display them prominently. Among the locations you can find them are St. Luke's Catholic Church, Dr. Kim Dubovik-Battisto's Dentist Office, Chick-Fil-A, Carol Stream Public Library, Chrissy's, Rockin' Jump, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, and St. Isidore Catholic Church.

This week, the Expect Respect Student Leadership Team also presented the Expect Respect strategies to the Rotary Club of Carol Stream to further raise community awareness. The students will continue to meet and work to spread the word of Expect Respect. They'll soon be developing videos that they are hoping to have play on local public access channels. Click the image below for a video about the students' work!
CCSD93 Students Expect Respect!
Special thanks to Prevention Coordinator Julie Augustyn, Special Education Integration Specialist Nicole Yoon, and Assistant Superintendent for Student Services Dr. Crysta Morrissey for their work with the Expect Respect Student Leadership Team.
No School Friday, 3/1 for Teacher Institute Day
While our students will not be in class on Friday, March 1, our educators will be hard at work utilizing the time to learn new methods and further develop their skills at Teacher Institute Day. We believe strongly that professional development opportunities are essential for our terrific educators to provide the very best education to our students.
Boundary Exceptions Due 3/1
Parents who wish for their child to attend a District 93 school that is not their home school (excluding Dual Language) must write a letter to both the child's current principal and the receiving school's principal to make a request.

Requests for a boundary exception must be made each yea r in writing; they do not carry over from year to year. Each request is considered and decisions are based on many factors, such as staffing needs, facility usage, and the reason for the request. If a boundary exception is granted, transportation to and from school is the parent's responsibility.

Please understand that boundary exceptions are granted on a very rare basis. All letters must be received by March 1, 2019. Letters may be submitted to the attention of the principals through the school office or via email. If you have any questions, please contact your child's school principal.
Want Your Child to be Bilingual? Learn About CCSD93's Dual Language Program on 2/26 
CCSD93 will again offer its Dual Language program for interested incoming kindergarten students for the 2019-20 school year. Dual Language classrooms contain half English speaking students and half Spanish speaking students, and they are taught lessons in both English and Spanish. The goal is for these students to become fluent in both languages, which will be a great skill for them to have as our society becomes more and more global.
You can find out even more about the Dual Language program by attending our remaining Dual Language Parent Info Night Tuesday, February 26 at 7 p.m. at CCSD93's District Office

For more on the program, view this video:

CCSD93's Dual Language Program 
CCSD93's Dual Language Program
Sign Up for Student/Parent/Teacher Spring Conferences Today! 
Spring Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for evenings in early- to mid-March, with specific dates varying by school. All parents are invited to sign up for conferences online between now and noon the day before the conference by visiting this page.

To log in, you can use the credentials you created when scheduling your November Parent-Teacher Conferences from earlier in the school year. In some cases, teachers will contact parents directly to schedule conferences. If you're unsure whether a conference is needed, simply contact your child's teacher.

Children will attend school on conference days. To check for your child's conference dates, please visit your child's school website.

Report Cards Sent Home Today (2/22)
Today, February 22, report cards were sent home. Parents of elementary students can find them in their backpacks, while parents of middle schoolers will receive them in the mail in the next few days. If you have any questions regarding the report cards, be sure to connect with your child's school or teacher.
2/21 Board of Education Meeting Recap
The most recent CCSD93 Board of Education meeting was held on February 21 at the District Office. The following occurred at the meeting.
  • There was a Board Salute for Sportsmanship Award winners at Jay Stream and Stratford from the boys basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling seasons. View this image to see the winners receiving their awards with me and the Board!
  • There was an update on CCSD93's Dual Language program from Director of English Language Services Tom Doyle and Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning & Innovation Dr. Marie Hoffmann.
  • There were two revised Board Policy for second reading:
    • 105 - Mission Statement
    • 625 - Curriculum Content
  • There was a report from the February 19 Finance Committee meeting.
  • The Board voted on the approval of the 2019-20 Budget Preparation Calendar.

Enjoy your weekend! 


Bill Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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