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Director of Government Affairs
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Week 7: February 23, 2018
1.   Tax Reform Monitoring, NEW & UPDATED
·         HSB671 : The Governor's tax bill
·         The Governor's Plan
·         SF2383 (Previously SSB3197) : Working Families Tax Relief Act
·        Ways & Means passed SSB3197 bill on 9 to 6 (party-line) vote so it became SF2383
·        We support an amendment allowing credit unions to maintain existing tax structure
·       Digging into potential impact for Farm Credit Services of America

2.   Future Ready Iowa: SF2327 —Support, NEW
·        Committee approved bill
·        Creates a future ready Iowa Act to strengthen workforce development
·        Establishes registered apprenticeship development program, a volunteer mentoring program, a summer youth intern program, summer postsecondary courses for H.S. students aligned with high-demand career pathways, an employer innovation fund, and future ready Iowa skilled workforce scholarship and grant programs and funds
·        Ties in with SF2348 : In-Demand Career Assistance would provide $5.73 million in funding in 2022 and $41.36 million in 2026
·        Would provide income tax credit for high-demand jobs, require students enroll in training for certain high-demand jobs at community colleges while maintaining a 2.0 GPA

2.   IUB Matters: HSB591 —Monitoring, ON SENATE DEBATE CALENDAR
·        Dual party relay changed to flat $.03/line/month for wireless & wired, instead of variable rate for wired

3.   Utility Matters: SF2311 —Monitoring, UPDATED
·      Amendments: S5038 and S5039
·       Removes state policies that are duplicative of existing federal policies

4.    Deappropriations: SF2117 Monitoring, UPDATED
·        House side supports cuts of ~$33 million, Senate side ~$44 million
·        Placed on calendar as unfinished business on 2.15.18
·        Amendment S5005 cuts $32 million (instead of $52 million) from this year's budget
·        Amendments to S5005 (that passed) include, S5008 : prohibits DOJ reducing victim assistance grants & S5007 : clarifies supplemental reimbursement for ground emergency transport of medicaid beneficiaries, reduces per diem for legislators to 85 days

5.    Corporate Farms: SF2314 Monitoring, UPDATED
·        Committee report recommending approving bill
·        Restricts certain business entities (including corporations) from acquiring agricultural land suitable for farming

6.   Raw Milk: HF2055 Against , UNCHANGED
·       Legislation to transfer milk directly from dairy farms, allowing unpasteurized and ungraded milk be sold
·       Most milk-related outbreaks (81%) happened in states where selling raw milk was legal (2007-2012)

This week we've continued to listen for more news on Section 199A-- attending an NCGA conference call, talking with Teree Castanias about her suggestions/proposals and speaking with staffers of our federal legislators. We are continuing to talk with folks and work together on wording that creates a sustainable tax structure, benefiting the ag. economy, including our farmer members.

Picture above is from the Welcome Back Reception-- IIC staff, Katie and Stacey with Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig.

1.      Waters Of The U.S. (WOTUS): Monitoring, UNCHANGED
·        Defines jurisdiction of the EPA & US Army Corps of Engineers over rivers, lakes, etc.

2.      Tax Reform: Sect. 199A Monitoring, UPDATED
·         Representative Young's letter : get rid of 199A and reform with old 199
·        Farm Bureau says they do not have policy that supports 199A

Want to speak with your federal representatives?
D.C. office numbers and e-mail addresses below. 

Sen. Chuck Grassley: 202-224-4120 (Andrew Brandt: andrew_brandt@grassley.senate.gov)
Sen. Joni Ernst: 202-224-3254 (Michael Dolch: michael_dolch@ernst.senate.gov)
Rep. Steve King: 202-225-4426 (Matt Meiners: matt.meiners@mail.house.gov)
Rep. Rod Blum: 202-225-2911 (Kelsey Griswold: kelsey.griswold@mail.house.gov)
Rep. Dave Loebsack: 202-225-6576 (Will Collier: will.collier@mail.house.gov)
Rep. David Young: 202-225-5476 (Steph Carlson: stephanie.carlson@mail.house.gov)

The Iowa Institute Calendar:
February 28-March 1: Mid-management Development in Ames
March 9: Board Meeting in Ames

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