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The Ascension Lenten Companion:  Walking with Jesus to Jerusalem

Principal's Letter

Dear Families, 


The last few weeks have been filled with celebrations and recognitions for our students at Holy Family. Our students are growing in their heart, mind, body, and soul. 

  • Congratulations to our students who participated in the PSIA District Meet. The school won 1st place, and many of our students will compete in the state competition in April. 
  • Congratulations to the One Act Play who earned 2nd place at the District Meet. The group will compete in the state competition next week. 
  • Congratulations to our 5/6 6A girls' basketball team who won the CAPPS championship. 
  • Congratulations to Ellie and Sydney for their outstanding science fair projects. Both of our 8th grade students had great projects. 
  • Congratulations to the recipients of the St. Thomas Aquinas Award from Holy Family: A.J., Alan, Bennett, and Daniela.

I am so proud of all our students as they use their gifts and talents! 


As we continue to celebrate our community, we will be praying a Novena to St. Joseph beginning on Monday, March 4. This will culminate on Thursday, March 21 and we will celebrate our dads on the same day. I hope to see many of our dads join us on March 21 for our Father’s Day celebration. Dads are invited to enjoy Food, Fellowship, and Fun from 8:00-11:00 a.m. Our celebration will include breakfast, a mini-retreat, and school Mass at 10 a.m. where our dads will receive a special blessing. 


We also hope to see our families at the STEM night on March 21 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. There will be science fair projects on display, interactive tables, and STEM professionals. This is a great event for the whole family as we celebrate STEM at Holy Family! 


God Bless, 

Erin Vu 

The third quarter ends on Friday, March 8th. Report cards will be sent home electronically on Thursday, March 21st.

Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 10th. Remember to move your clicks ahead one hour.

Spring Break is March 11th through March 15th. Classes will resume on Monday, March 18th.


Mrs. Mackey's Sixth Grade Class Hosting Mass

We had a wonderful Mass today. Thank you to Mrs. Mejia's third grade class who proclaimed the readings for us.

Mass on Thursday, March 7th will be hosted by Mrs. Mackey's sixth grade class. Please consider volunteering to help with set-up before Mass or take down after Mass.

All are welcome to attend!

Mass Schedule 2023-2024
Liturgy Volunteer Sign-up

Angel Virtues Awards

In February, grades 2-4 focused on two virtues - trustworthiness and honesty. Grades 5 -8 focused on trustworthiness, honesty, gratitude and self-control. Each teacher in these grades chose students who modeled these virtues in an especially positive way. The following students will be announced in Mass next week. A pin for the student to wear at Mass will be presented to them. Congratulations to our Angels!


William Buchanan-Sister Amata Christi

Josh Roshan-Sister Amata Christi

Samuel Bas-Mrs. Reilly

Gracie Huynh-Mrs. Reilly

Emily Kazmierski-Mrs. Reilly

Ava Flores-Mrs. Wilson

Harper Walls-Mrs. Wilson

Anuj Chintalapati-Mrs. Lillie

Lucy Lepak-Mrs. Lillie

Luke Reilly-Mrs. Lillie

Rex Dickerman-Mrs. Mejia

Parker Weiss-Mrs. Mejia

Jimmy Byther-Mrs. Stratton

Oliver Tran-Mrs. Stratton

Laura Kate Cook-Mrs. Catherine Lyman

Vincent Ravo-Mrs. Catherine Lyman

Eli Salas-Mrs. Catherine Lyman

Lizzie Moller-Mrs. Rhodes

Evangeline Nally-Ms. Stein

Anna Quan-Ms. Stein

Eusebio D'Mello-Ms. Donohoe

Connor Yost-Ms. Ruiz

Lucy Cogwin-Mr. Segura

Ella Atkinson-Mrs. Jeanne Lyman

Rose Isaac-Mrs. Mackey

Abigail Cook-Mr. Steiner

Alfonso Esquivel-Mrs. Cook

Ana Sofia Cogwin-Mrs. Von Kennel

Allison Mitchell-Sister Teresa Benedicta

Vince DeLeon-Mrs. McGill

Tricia Johnson-Mrs. Poulos


Owen Duncan-Sister Amata Christi

Leena Mason-Sister Amata Christi

Blaine Brunson-Mrs. Reilly

Samuel Mandac-Mrs. Reilly

Piper Spence-Mrs. Reilly

Isabella Orozco-Mrs. Wilson

Max Perritte-Mrs. Wilson

Ethan Maulit-Mrs. Lillie

Luke Montes de Oca-Mrs. Lillie

John Paul Perales-Mrs. Lillie

Thomas Madathil-Mrs. Mejia

Reid Ryan-Mrs. Mejia

Chloe Coleman-Mrs. Stratton

Benio Goertz-Mrs. Stratton

Ava Martirosian-Mrs. Stratton

Emma Alas-Mrs. Catherine Lyman

Juliana Bartlett-Mrs. Catherine Lyman

Cayden Kant-Mrs. Catherine Lyman

Semira Kamanda-Mrs. Rhodes

Hyndrix Dinh-Ms. Stein

Charlotte Meza-Ms. Stein

VietAn Tran-Ms. Donohoe

Brian Hanley-Ms. Ruiz

Jacob Roshan-Mr. Segura

Noah Guzman-Mrs. Jeanne Lyman

Aashi Chintalapati-Mrs. Mackey

Hannah Teklu-Mr. Steiner

Megan Simon-Mrs. Cook

Bryn Hatton-Dr. Puga

Joey Morel-Sister Teresa Benedicta

John Torres-Mrs. McGill

Karaline Schnakenberg-Mrs. Poulos


Bianka Arriaga-Ms. Donohoe

Nathaniel Willett-Ms. Ruiz

Lizzy Franklin-Mr. Segura

Isabella Dickerman-Mrs. Jeanne Lyman

Brady Lynk-Mrs. Mackey

Andrew Meadows-Mr. Steiner

Layla Salas-Dr. Puga

Daniela Castillon-Mrs. McGill

Jalynn McKinney-Sister Teresa Benedicta

Sophie Jones-Mrs. Poulos


Payton Weiss-Ms. Donohoe

Theresa Winkeler-Ms. Ruiz

Chloe Perales-Mrs. Jeanne Lyman

Brianna Gerace-Mrs. Mackey

Jonah Lierman-Mr. Steiner

Calvin Yost-Dr. Puga

Sophia Salas-Sister Teresa Benedicta

Elia Saenz-Mrs. McGill

Dylan Raborn-Mrs. Poulos

Registration information coming soon!!


Holy Family competed in the District 36AA PSIA competition on Saturday. Holy Family is the overall District Champion! Schools from the Central Texas area, and as far away as El Paso, competed in this District. Points were awarded for students finishing in the top six places in each event. When the points were all added together, Holy Family accumulated 931 points, with the second place school over 340 points behind us at 591 points! 

PSIA by the numbers:


  • 113 students participating at the school level.
  • 26 parents and teachers coaching students
  • 88 qualified for District in 163 events
  • 65 parents and teachers volunteering at the District Meet
  • 27 students going to State in 37 events


Below are the individual results. The top students in each event will advance to the State competition at the University of Houston on April 13th.

Art Memory 4th and 5th grade

Tesla Inscoe-2nd place

Samantha Foyt-4th place

Art Memory 6th-8th grade

Allison Mitchell- 4th place

Calculator Applications 6th-8th grade

Jack Tajchman-7th place

Creative Writing 1st grade

Abigael Veale-1st place

Jameson McGirk-2nd place

Swithun Tan-6th place

Creative Writing 2nd grade

Sofia Zarzar-4th place

Dictionary Skills 4th and 5th grade

Domcio Goertz-1st place

Haddie Roberts-2nd place

Luke McElearney-6th place

Roscoe Wacker-7th place

Dictionary Skills 6th-8th grade

Lilia Brazener-2nd place

Allison Mitchell-4th place

Impromptu Speaking 7th and 8th grade

Laina Pereira-1st place

Maciek Goertz-4th place

Listening Skills 4th-5th grade

Mateo Ferriz-9th place

Listening Skills th-8th grade

Lilia Brazener-9th place

Maps, Graphs and Charts 4th grade

Nathan Thomas-1st place

Leonardo Mangolini-6th place (tie)

Valentina Wernicke-6th place (tie)

Maps, Graphs and Charts 5th grade

Joseph Madathil-2nd place

Elizabeth Berry-5th place

Patrick Vu-10th place

Maps, Graphs and Charts 6th grade

Theo Roberts-1st place

Lilia Brazener-5thplace

Paul Blair-7th place

Maps, Graphs and Charts 7th grade

AJ Winkeler-1st place

Maciek Goertz-2nd place

Maps, Graphs and Charts 8th grade

Sydney Griser-3rd place

Mariela Gall-6th place

Mathematics 2nd grade

Maximiliam Perritte-1st place

Bemjamin Kempner-8th place

Mathematics 3rd grade

Thomas Madathil-4th place

Silas Crowley-9th grade

Ethan Maulit-10 place

Mathematics 4th grade

Jeryl Tan-3rd place

Clyde MacDonald-6th place

Mika Jiao-7th place

Mathematics 5th grade

Joseph Madathil-4th grade

Benjamin Mitchell-8th grade

Elizabeth Berry-10th grade

Mathematics 6th grade

Theo Roberts-3rd place

Alex Zarzar-9th place

Mathematics 7th place

Rose Isaac-7th place

Claire Zhuang-8th place

Isabella Muleiro-10th place

Mathematics 8th grade

Minh Nguyen-2nd place

Jack Tajchman-5th place

Marissa Smith-7th place

Modern Oratory 7th and 8th grade

Laina Pereira-1st place

Music Memory 3rd and 4th grade

Lizzie Moller-2nd place

Katherine Bliar-6th place

Haddie Roberts-8th place

Ethan Maulit-9th place (tie)

John Paul Perales-9th place (tie)

Music Memory 5th and 6th grade

Jade Franco-5th place

Number Sense 2nd grade

Maximilian Perritte-2nd place

Josh Roshan-5th place

John Paul Vu-7th place

Number Sense 3rd grade

Thomas Madathil-2nd place

Benio Goertz-3rd place

Ethan Maulit-5th place

Number Sense 4th grade

Jeryl Tan-1st place

Sasha Peterson-10th place

Number Sense 5th grade

VietAn Tran-5th place

Jacob Roshan-6th place

Benjamin Mitchell-7th place

Number Sense 6th grade

Theo Roberts-1st place

Alex Zarzar-6th place

Number Sense 8th grade

Jack Tajchman-2nd place

Minh Nguyen-3rd place

On-site Drawing 4th grade

Sasha Peterson-7th place

On-site Drawing 5th grade

Samantha Foyt-4thplace

Nathaniel Willett-6th place

Domcio Goertz-7th place

On-site Drawing 6th grade

Lilia Brazener-3rd place

Chloe Perales-8th place

On-site Drawing 7th grade

AJ Winkeler-2nd place

PhiAn Tran-5th place

Liam Bierschenk-6thplace

On-site Drawing 8th grade

Allison Mitchell-7th place

Oral Interpretation 4th grade

Evelyn Vu-5th place

Oral Interpretation 5th grade

Samantha Foyt-4th grade

Patrick Vu-6th place

Oral Interpretation 6th grade

Anabelle Bierschenk-1st place

Ella Atkinson-4th place

Chloe Perales-5th place

Oral Interpretation 7th and 8th grade

John Torres-1st place

Laina Pereira-2nd place

Liam Bierschenk-4th place

Ready Writing 3rd grade

Samantha MacDonald-1st place

Anasophia Paranjape-8th place

Ready Writing 4th grade

Clyde MacDonald-1st place

Rose Kritt-2nd place

Ready Writing 5th grade

Gabrielle Molina-1st place

Joseph Madathil-2nd place

Nathaniel Willett-5th place

Ready Writing 6th grade

Ada Byther-4th place

Ella Atkison-5th place

Ready Writing 8th grade

Sydney Griser-1st place

Sean Lukose-5th place

Kate Tajchman-7th place

Science 4th grade

Nathan Thomas-3rd place

Rafael Gonzalez-5th place

Sophia Martirosian-8th place

Science 5th grade

Mateo Wehbe-Gonsalvez-2nd place

Cecilia Carratini-3rd place

Science 6th grade

Lilia Brazener-2nd place

Science 7th grade

Gregory Kloke-1st place

Maciek Goertz-2nd place

Science 8th grade

Sean Lukose-3rd place

Spelling 2nd grade

Isabella Orozco-3rd place

Spelling 3rd grade

Ethan Maulit-2nd place

Benio Goertz-9th place

Spelling 4th grade

Clyde MacDonald-1st place

Vincent Ravo-2nd grade

Haddie Roberts-3rd grade

Spelling 5th grade

Gabrielle Molina-1st place

Joseph Madathil-4th place

VietAn Tran-6th place

Spelling 6th grade

Liam Tompot-7th place

Lilia Brazener-8th place

Spelling 7th and 8th grade

Sean Lukose-4th place

Hannah Blair-5th place

Marissa Smith-6thplace

John Torres-9th place

Storytelling 1st grade

Abigael Veale-4th place

Storytelling 3rd grade

Anasophia Paranjape-6th place

Vocabulary 5th grade

Elizabeth Berry-4th place

Joseph Madathil-5th place

Vocabulary 6th grade

Ada Byther-3rd place

Vocabulary 7th and 8th grade

Isabella Muleiro-4th place

Mariela Gall-7th place

Parent Information Sessions

Do you know a family that might want to learn more about Holy Family? We are hosting a number of Prospective Parent Information Sessions in order for families to learn about the school and the admissions process. The last session is scheduled for March 8. Interested families can register at www.holyfamilycs.org/admission/parent-info.cfm             

or contact Cammy Nguyen in the Admissions Office at 512-244-4825 or [email protected]



Yearbook sales are still going on. Thank you to all who purchased during our presale. If you haven't ordered yet, there's still time. We have a limited number of extra books ordered. We will continue selling until these are sold out. The price of the yearbook is now $55 plus tax. Don't delay, order today!!

Order Yearbook
lost and found

Lost and Found

There are several items in the Lost and Found. Please come by the Office in the Grace building to see if something is yours! All unclaimed non-uniform itmes will be donated to Goodwill.


Run With The Angels (RWTA)

T-shirt Sponsorships and Orders are now available! 

An email was sent earlier this week about our Community Shirt Partners program/RWTA Sponsorships. This program helps to provide a spirited custom RWTA shirt to EVERY student in our school. We are looking for businesses to sponsor the shirts! If you know a potential sponsor, send them this link!!

Each student will receive a RWTA 2024 T-shirt in Heather Gray. Room Moms and other parent volunteers are currently reaching out to collect your student(s) size(s). 

IF you would like to order additional shirts for family members, they are now available for $12.00 each. Our shirts are 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom T-shirts. The adult shirts are WHITE with the Run with the Angels logo on the front and all of the sponsor logos on the back.  

Order T-Shirt Here

We will submit the order immediately after Spring Break and the order form will be shut down. After that, we will sell some shirts on a first come, first serve basis at the event on April 26th. 

More information about Run With The Angels when we return from Spring Break! 

Angel Fund

Thank you, Holy Family Community. Our annual fund appeal for the Angel Fund has surpassed 95% of our $330,000 goal for the year; receiving gifts and commitment cards totaling over $314,000 to date!

Our sincere gratitude to those who have given or turned in your commitment card already. We have reached this level of giving with 26% of our families donating to the Angel Fund – IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD DO IF WE COULD BOOST THAT NUMBER TO EVEN 50%. Every dollar would benefit our students! it is not too late to give. This appeal is open until June 30th!

The GRADE LEVEL with the highest family participation by May15th will win the Pizza Party! Grade level totals will be shared with your room moms and shared with you early next week.  

Grade Level Family Participation Standings: 

Pre-K - 24%

Kindergarten - 30%

1st grade - 30%

2nd grade - 26%

3rd grade - 35%

4th grade - 34 %

5th grade - 27%

6th grade - 22%

7th grade - 26%

8th grade- 23%

Give Today

Raise Right


Parent Association Website

Movie Night

Come and join us for a movie night on Friday, March 1st from 6-9pm. Showtime around 7pm. Bring your blankets and chairs. You can stop by St. Vincent De Paul, grab your fry fish plate and enjoy your dinner here. We will provide free popcorn. This year Donut NV truck will be parked in our school for those families who would like to buy an extra sweet treat or Fresh Lemonade. 

Stations of the Cross

The Prayer Committee invites you to join us on Fridays during Lent to pray the Stations of the Cross. Did you know we have beautiful Stations right on our campus, in the courtyard? We’ll be meeting there after pickup and starting at 3:40 pm every school Friday during Lent. Come pray this beautiful Lenten devotion with us as we journey closer to Christ during this prayerful season. The entire devotion lasts about 20 minutes. Families and children of all ages are welcome!

Are you EIM certified & have a badge? Sign up to volunteer today!

  1. Liturgy Volunteers
  2. Lunch Volunteers
  3. Library Volunteers
  4. Office Volunteers
  5. Morning Car Line Volunteers
  6. Uniform Resale Angel Boutique Volunteers
  7. General Volunteer Interest Form

Library Volunteer

Please consider volunteering to support the library and librarians during your child's library time and beyond. Thank you!

Library Volunteer


Cuts For Cancer

The Savio Cheerleaders will be hosting the 11th annual Cuts for Cancer on March 18th at 2:00pm at St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School! Participants can have a minimum of 8 inches of their hair cut and it will be sent to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. This event also collects monetary donations, which will be sent to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. 


If you or your child would like to donate your unprocessed hair, you can do it one of two ways:

  • you can have your hair cut and place in a donation box that we would drop off at your school
  • they can attend our assembly on March 18 at 2pm and have their hair cut at the event.

If you think your student would be interested in this, please let me know. We are also asking for sponsorship and donations for this event and your families have the opportunity to show their support by purchasing a Cuts for Cancer shirt.

Click here to sign up to donate hair
Click here to purchase a shirt, make a donation or to sponsor